News Done Right: How News in Bullets is Reshaping App-Based News Aggregation

News In Bullets has made a splash in the news-aggregator app jostle and claimed the top-rated tier on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The app lets readers customize topical news that they want to read and choose their own news media sources.

While a conventional news app shows its own version of headlines or aggregates from the sources it finds most relevant, News In Bullets covers a wide spectrum of publishers – right from the regional/local level to the global news houses – and lets the viewer select the source.

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News in Bullets is a news aggregator app that chops the clutter from news articles. Save your time by reading daily news updates in short bullets.

The app goes further by giving news publishers the option of a partnership with the app, letting them use it as a publishing platform to reach more audiences. For an app born out of the innovation surge during the 2020 pandemic, News In Bullets is the blue diamond in the cavernous mines of news aggregation apps.

“It is our answer to the growing need of the public to have a one-stop news portal to get all the relevant information they need, be it for COVID-related topics or absolutely anything they want, without having to jump between apps and news sources,” the team at NIB says.

News In Bullets has come out as a winner in its news summaries that are presented as bullet-points – it undoubtedly finds favors with the busy-bees of the world today who haven’t the time to read the full news article. For readers, the app is a custom chopper: topical selection, custom news media, and a separate feed for the headlines. For an enhanced customization experience, the app lets a user manage notifications for breaking news items.

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In a recent addition, News In Bullets has jazzed up the interface with a “Newsreel” – a video-upload feed for the users, much like Instagram or TikTok. This is another unique feature that cashes in on the younger demographic and offers them digestible, up-to-the-minute news.

Gone are the glory days of the plain vanilla newsreader apps. The viewers today are smart: they want more, better, quicker – and they want it how they like it. News In Bullets has quashed the “same-old, same-old” monotony of current affairs through its contemporary, made-to-order, openly inclusive news aggregation platform. The era of engaging, on-point, choice news is in.