InAuth Notices Significant Growth in Mobile Customer Base

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InAuth Records 161% Growth in Mobile Transactions

InAuth is a pioneer in digital device intelligence for a mobile-connected world. The company announced it had seen tremendous next-generation technology growth in 2018.

One of the increasing investments for InAuth has been to make the mobile channel for InAuth customers more secure in the area of customer-facing applications. InAuth’s mobile customer base significantly grew in 2018. More consumers happen to be adopting the mobile-channel due to the increasing hike was seen in the growth of mobile transactions by InAuth. The number stands at 161%. These transactions include financial money movement, retail purchases, account openings, logins and person-to-person payments.

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The emergences of new digital platforms are fuelling increased investments in mobile capabilities across varied sectors. This includes the growth of new commerce platforms that enable real-time payments, a growth of ride-sharing platforms and increased adoption of mobile payments in the retail sector.

Unfortunately, as mobile usage increases so does other fraudulent activities such as cyber-threats and malware. Companies must take strong stances and guard their users against any kind of malicious applications, fraud, velocity attacks and credential compromise.

“Today’s mobile-first approach presents users with advantages never experienced before.  With the right security strategy, mobile customers benefit from interacting with the most secure channel, with far less friction, and with enhanced capabilities.  InAuth’s InMobile platform is the foundation of that security strategy,” said Lisa Stanton, president, InAuth.

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InAuth’s InMobile platform utilizes an easy-to-integrate SDK. It provides enhanced authentication through permanent mobile device identifications, security mechanisms for devices transacting through mobile applications and device integrity screening.

InAuth delivers the most advanced analytical capabilities possible to help organizations minimalize friction, limit risk and reduce fraud within all their digital channels combined. A safer digital transaction for all organizations in multiple industries is an ideal proposition which will enable companies to optimize on better revenue opportunities and compete effectively for rapid growth.

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