Influential and Oracle’s Moat Join Forces to Measure Social Media Influencer Campaigns

This Collaboration Incorporates Measurement Viewabilities and Metrics for Deeper Insights

Influential is an AI influencer technology and Developer Partner of IBM Watson. Influential and IBM Watson have co-created technologies which allow agencies and brands to use psychographic data in identifying influencers along with three first-to-market AI products. Influential, the leading social intelligence firm will work with Oracle’s Moat- a SaaS analytics measurement provider which is a part of the Oracle Data Cloud. The Oracle Moat and Influential will combine their abilities to deliver attention metrics and viewability on Influential’s platform. The collaboration includes Influential’s social media marketplace along with Moat’s viewability and attention metrics. This will help advertisers and marketers get deeper insights so as to assess their influencer campaign performance.

The video and display content across major social media platforms, especially for brands in various industries such as telecom, CPG, retail, entertainment and automotive — will be fuelled for Influential customers due to the collaboration with Moat’s measurement.

The insights will help brands in content optimization and in the addition of another layer of multivariate testing which will ultimately lower spending and increase viewable insights.

A classic example of the Influential methodology would be National Geographic’s show The Long Ride Home. In this show, Influential’s technology implementation made for some extremely interesting and impressive results. A post from an influencer which ranked 57 percent for on-screen percentage was higher than the baseline and it also had 65 percent more valuable and valid insights.

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Ryan Detert, CEO of Influential said, “The wild west of social media metrics will only be tamed with transparent data and accountability. With Oracle’s Moat, now brands are able to see third-party validation on the key metrics to measure success for all influencer campaigns.”

Jonah Goodhart, SVP of Oracle Data Cloud and Co-Founder of Moat said, “Our collaboration with Influential allows brands to reach the right audiences and arms them with metrics to validate the success of their influencer campaigns and creative content. The results show that consumers respond well to authentic branded content from trusted voices when correctly matched to the brand.”

Influential’s unique approach to using social data is followed to collect the best results. The 3-pronged system includes matching the best influencer and their content to a brand’s audience –and this is based on contextual, psychographic and demographic significance. All campaigns conducted by Influential go through a brand-safe gateway and it also provides robust recaps via third-party analytical parties. Influential runs campaigns for Fortune 100 companies such as Nestlé, Coco-Cola, Kia Motors, General Motors, Sony Pictures, Fox TV and more.

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