Kochava Collective Adds Intent IQ Data to Enhance Web-to-Mobile Identity

The marketing intelligence platform and identity resolution provider unite to give marketers enhanced ability to optimize user flow across platforms

The Kochava Collective, an independent mobile data marketplace, has partnered with Intent IQ, a next generation, cross-device identification platform, to bring web-to-mobile targeting capabilities to marketers and advertisers.

While mobile traffic continues to increase, consumers are still more likely to purchase on desktop, according to a report by Wolfgang Digital. Accurately linking users across devices has become increasingly difficult because mobile identity is based on device IDs and desktop identity is based on hashed email addresses and/or browser cookies. This disconnect inhibits marketers’ ability to optimize the user experience by obscuring visibility into the user’s path to purchase.

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“Understanding unified identity behind a specific mobile or desktop device enables marketers to unlock a treasure trove of insights about consumer behavior across the various devices they use each day,” said Grant Cohen, GM of Kochava Collective. “With our continued expansion of consumer identity solutions, we’re helping marketers to thoroughly harness their data to maximize their efforts.”

Through its partnership with Intent IQ, the Kochava Collective provides marketers with added audience insights not readily available to them on major advertising platforms. With enhanced user identity, marketers can better understand and engage with their intended audience.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Kochava to bring our next gen cross-device identity to marketers via the Collective DMP,” said Alex Levin, Chief Revenue Officer of Intent IQ. “As consumers migrate smoothly between devices, this insight is critical to any effective marketing strategy.”

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Intent IQ’s identity resolution technology is powered by going beyond the deterministic versus probabilistic paradigm to a device graph with unique properties focused on continuously improving accuracy and promoting scale. The Graph is constantly updated in real time to reflect the dynamic and fluid nature of the online environment leading to unprecedented accuracy, flexibility, and capabilities.

The Kochava Collective is the largest independent mobile data marketplace, by volume. With more than 7 billion unique mobile devices and a rich device graph, it provides a wealth of user data to help marketers better understand and engage their audience. It also boasts more than 200 million web-to-device pairs and, with the addition of Intent IQ, is growing by 65 million every month.

Web-to-mobile identity resolution gives marketers the power to truly understand and optimize user behavior across platforms and devices, including common paths to purchase. Marketers use this insight to increase engagement, retention, and revenue.

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