Mering Uses Emotion to Build a Competitive Edge in B2B Marketing Utilizes AI Technology to Study Ad Effectiveness and Enhance Impact

It is no surprise that the communications which garner the most attention are often the ones that pull on the heart strings. Just look at Nike/Colin Kaepernick, Always/Like a Girl, Dove/Real Beauty and so many others. In an effort to better understand the emotional resonance of advertising, independent ad agency Mering recently connected with emotion AI company Realeyes.

Realeyes’ AI-powered technology uses the latest in computer vision and machine learning to make machines emotionally intelligent. Using opted-in webcams, its platform enables any laptop, mobile device or TV to recognize straight away how consumers are feeling and whether they are paying attention by measuring their facial expressions, head movements and body language. Realeyes’ emotion AI solutions, which are 75% accurate at predicting sales lifts, helps marketers understand and transform the impact of their content.

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“Our agency has long been of the belief that using emotion in both consumer and B2B advertising is effective. However, the larger B2B universe is just waking up now to the importance of emotion. So, we saw this as a great opportunity to provide further evidence by utilizing revolutionary emotion AI technology,” said Mering President Lori Bartle.

Bartle added: “We are incredibly grateful to our client, The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC), for working with us in conducting this fascinating study. It’s allowing us to supplement our existing data toolkit with the unique quantitative insights and findings from a Realeyes report, providing shareable learnings that might inspire or convince other B2B brands.”

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Mering worked with client TDSC to develop a compelling brand strategy and campaign for its new e-commerce business – striving to differentiate itself in a category that’s focused largely on personal relationships. The TDSC brand stands for, and celebrates, independent dentistry as a community, and promotes the power of a collective.  In the interest of uncovering business-building insights, Mering partnered with Realeyes to look at work for TDSC and a category competitor. Demonstrating its ability to deliver amazing value for the B2B market, the Realeyes team developed a targeted national sample of over 600 men and women who are responsible for purchasing dental equipment. Based on its unique emotion AI technology and benchmarking system, the analysis for TDSC shed light on brand favorability, recall and specifically measured Attraction, Retention, Engagement and Impact. The powerful data visualization provided precise tracking of both positive and negative emotions – offering pin-point detail of what worked well and what could be improved. Through these results, it was confirmed that the TDSC brand strategy drove peak levels of positivity in conjunction with a distinctive and highly innovative creative approach.

The Mering/Realeyes team will be speaking at the B2B Marketing Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Thursday, October 3rd in a session titled: Using Emotion to Build a Competitive Edge. At that time, they will share more details about their work together and how the strategic development of emotionally-based marketing can create a competitive advantage and drive business results.

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