AdSpruce Places the User at the Forefront of the Adtech Revolution

 AdSpruce Has Revealed an Updated Line-Up of Ad Spots That Offer a Faster, Focused and Friendlier Ad Experience, Which Falls in Line with Its “User-First” Philosophy

Built on creative studio technology of AdSpruce and ad server via a proprietary, made-for-mobile delivery platform, the updated ad line-up provides new features and functions based on industry research and consumer feedback in order to provide a truly user-first advertising experience.

The improvements come as many in the ad industry battle against the growing adoption of ad-blocking technology, with consumers citing low quality and intrusive ad experiences as the primary reason for using ad blockers. This, in turn, creates a massive problem for publishers and content owners who, according to a 2016 report by Juniper Research, are predicted to lose $27 billion in ad revenue by 2020 globally.

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Bad adverts can be a problem for users, if an ad had been poorly created, poorly optimized or poorly delivered, then users face unwelcome and bad experiences. With ads that have slow load time and high data usage because they have not been optimized for the mobile web and ads that have been so badly designed they leave an unpleasant experience with the user. This is potentially damaging to both the publisher and advertising brand’s image.

AdSpruce Places the User at the Forefront of the Adtech Revolution
Ian Mullins

“Delivering engaging ad experiences across 15,000 different mobile devices in low bandwidth environments has been our philosophy since day one. New standards from IAB and the Better Ads Coalition are a good thing for the industry. We focus on emerging markets where ad experiences and brand love varies wildly across countries. Better ads globally that engage users and deliver better value to all parts of the value chain is the ultimate goal,” said Ian Mullins, AdSpruce, CEO.

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AdSpruce looks to solve these problems of poor ads by offering better ads, for the publisher and user. The AdSpruce HTML5 Ad studio only creates ad types of the highest quality standards, and are delivered with the user’s experience in mind. Every advert that is served is optimized for the device it is shown on.

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