InMobi Launches Curated, a Series of Vertical-Centric, Contextually Relevant Marketplaces for Mobile Advertising

Premium Sports and Holiday Retail Serve as Inaugural Vertical Offerings to Help Advertisers Better Engage With Desired Audiences

InMobi, a leading provider of content, monetization and marketing technologies that help businesses fuel growth, today unveils Curated by InMobi, a series of privacy-compliant customized marketplaces based on both audience and contextually relevant supply to better help mobile advertisers reach consumers. With custom-built audiences, custom creative support, pre-built supply packages, and managed service for optimizing campaign performance, Curated will initially feature premium sports and holiday shopping as vertical offerings in the beta version with additional audiences expected in the first quarter of 2022.

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“Curated is designed to help bring more control and predictability to the marketing outcomes that we are trying to drive for our advertiser clients and deliver stronger ROI.”

The COVID-19 pandemic fueled some of the most prevalent consumer behavior changes in decades, with mobile engagement growing significantly around the world. According to a recent study, North American consumers spent an average of 4.2 hours per day on mobile apps; globally, that number grows to an average of five hours per day. In-app time now accounts for 92% of mobile time, with casual gaming app downloads increasing by 45% and consumers have been spending an average of 25 minutes longer each day with in-app mobile shopping over the past 18 months. Marketers are following in kind with mobile ad spend growth surpassing pre-pandemic predictions according to eMarketer: up 17% in 2021 and projected for a 22% increase in 2022.

“Scale and relevance are usually influenced by industry seasonality and audience consumption patterns, but content and context are king,” said Kunal Nagpal, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Publisher Platform and Exchange at InMobi. “Advertisers sometimes hesitate when it comes to mobile advertising, given the additional layers required to find the right audience; our offering will potentially ensure supply validity and audiences for brands looking to reach these audiences.”

For marketers looking to diversify and expand their mobile spend, Curated provides easy access to specialized, tailored user environments to meet their varied campaign needs and consumer interests. Curated intends to provide both a tailored and contextually relevant marketplace to help match bespoke mobile advertising needs to help advertisers reach only the most relevant mobile users.

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“Mobile programmatic advertising is a nuanced space, and a curated approach of representing contextually relevant supply and audiences to advertisers is a great way of adding value to their mobile strategy,” said Geoff Litwer, Vice President of Programmatic and Display Media at Tinuiti. “Curated is designed to help bring more control and predictability to the marketing outcomes that we are trying to drive for our advertiser clients and deliver stronger ROI.”

“More brands are investing in mobile programmatic marketing strategies, but a contextually relevant, brand safe, scalable, audience targeted, and measurable environment is key to the success of these campaigns,” said Alexander Potts, Vice President of Programmatic and Media Lead at Tombras. “Curated by InMobi intends to deliver exactly that and help us drive strong ROI for our advertiser clients within the mobile environment.”

Curated blends both mobile in-app and web offerings and will be a continued incubator for new and innovative future formats. It is also intended to provide pre-packaged audiences and unique packages for seasonal events including holiday sales, sporting events, discount periods and more, so advertisers can reach consumers during the most important parts of the calendar year.

The launch of Curated is intended to complement InMobi’s recent enterprise expansions. Earlier this fall, InMobi launched InMobi Telco to potentially help mobile carriers and handset manufacturers optimize their customer experiences and diversify their revenue streams, and recently announced the acquisition of Appsumer with the goal of providing a 360-degree view of marketing spend across channels, allowing advertisers to turn complex data into rich insights.

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