Kargo Adds Attention Advertising With Acquisition of Parsec

Brands Can Now Buy on Guaranteed Attention Across Kargo’s Highly Differentiated Suite of Ad Formats and Placements

Kargo announced that it has acquired the attention-based mobile advertising business, Parsec. With Parsec, Kargo expands the ability of advertisers to buy digital media using the time an ad is exposed on screen across a variety of unique creative formats, creating the only platform to deliver attention-based, optimized, digital advertising for marketers.

“Our mission is to create memorable experiences for consumers, in turn, creating more value for brands by building new ways for them to buy success. With Parsec, Kargo is the leader in attention, a key metric in experience-based advertising. Attention empowers brands to optimize their campaigns to what is engaging and where time is spent, not just what is seen,” said Harry Kargman, CEO and Founder of Kargo.

Kargo’s platform provides brands with a best-in-class environment to activate attention buys. With differentiated creative solutions for quality audiences, the platform performs well above industry benchmarks across key attention indicators.

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In a recent study conducted with MediaScience, Kargo’s ad formats delivered:

  • 73% total audience attention (gaze) compared to 51% which gazed at standard banners
  • 2x average gaze time for Kargo ads compared to standard banners
  • 2x stronger brand memory than standard banners
  • 2x purchase completion on product deal searches compared to standard banners

Kargo clients are now able to buy media based on “seconds exposed,” which guarantees that no impression is wasted. Kargo’s attention-based solution moves the digital advertising market beyond viewability, providing a better understanding of the engagement that a particular creative and placement generates. At a time in the industry when brands are looking for more transparency and control over their media buying and looking for new ways to prove success beyond the crumbling cookie, attention provides the next level in measurement and understanding around media quality and creative efficacy.

Later in 2022, Kargo plans to expand from time-on-screen measurements to include a variety of machine-learning-based intelligence that will further optimize campaign performance. With quality measurement from partners including Human, Clean.io and Adelaide, as well as the release of new attention formats, Kargo continues to raise the bar for quality, success and efficacy.

“At Parsec, we’ve always believed that attention is the single most important metric in advertising. We are confident that Kargo will continue to deliver the extraordinary brand impact that our clients have come to expect,” said Diane deCordova, co-founder and COO of Parsec Media.

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