adsquare Implements Unacast’s Transparent Location Data to Build Cutting-Edge Mobile Marketing Measurement, Insights and Targeting Solutions with Unprecedented Clarity

Movement Data, Based on Real-World Consumer Behavior, Leads to Accurate Footfall Traffic Analysis and Powerful Audience Segmentation

Unacast, the leading transparent location data platform, announced a new client utilizing its location data – adsquare, the mobile-first data exchange bringing together data buyers and sellers in a transparent and secure environment. Unacast’s data will power adsquare’s measurement, insights and targeting solutions both in the US and the EU with explicit consent data.

“The effectiveness of mobile campaigns relies on the best quality data, so marketers are constantly searching for trustworthy sources of insights,” said Tom Laband, CEO and Co-Founder at adsquare. “We are always looking to provide more digital location and movement data which is accurate and at scale, and Unacast’s transparent data is one of the best sources available. Incorporating the Unacast data into our products helps our marketer clients adjust the measurement, insights and targeting solutions to their specific needs, setting them up for continued advertising success.”

Through the partnership, adsquare will use Unacast’s movement data within its insights and measurement solutions, including its Audience Insights, Footfall Insights, and Footfall Measurement tools. The incorporation of the Unacast data means these tools will be built on top of transparent opt-in data about consumer action and movement in the real world, providing a clear picture of how many consumers visit physical retail locations.

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Additionally, Unacast’s visit data will be available within adsquare’s targeting solutions. Unacast creates visit data from billions of disparate data points, analyzing and validating the data before assigning data points to a venue and enriching results with additional insights. This transparent, contextualized data allows adsquare’s clients to build custom geo-behavioral segments, look-back windows and customized/individual points of interest (POI) with their own data. For example, thanks to the addition of Unacast data, adsquare clients can change look-back windows to target consumers by using Mobile Advertising IDs, POI, and timestamp information to determine an audience that has visited a location in the past.

“Advertisers are investing heavily in targeted mobile campaigns aimed at specific audiences, but they need solutions to understand how well those campaigns performed. The Unacast data set is designed to be industry and application agnostic and help partners build the very best products for their clients,” said Thomas Walle, CEO of Unacast. “Just as importantly, we’re very focused on the transparency of our data – and a core commitment to transparency is something that Unacast and adsquare share. Our two companies have long discussed how transparency in location data is important and the positive implications it will have on clients. This partnership is all the more exciting because of our united belief that this is how we’ll reach the next frontier of human mobility data.”

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