Canary Selects Bright Pattern’s Cloud Contact Center Solution to Provide Top-Tier Omnichannel Customer Service

Bright Pattern, Leading Provider of Omnichannel Cloud Contact Center Software, Helps Canary Deliver an Unmatched Customer Experience

Canary offers a home security device that connects to a user’s smartphone so that customers can check the security of their home on the go. Canary was founded in 2013 and its flagship product is now available in more than 8,000 retail stores across North America and Europe.

Canary’s main goals are to provide an outstanding product and deliver an unmatched customer experience while growing its business. Canary uses Bright Pattern’s multichannel cloud contact center technology integrated with Zendesk to increase agent productivity and provide top-tier customer service.

Bright Pattern Customer Success Stories
Bright Pattern Customer Success Stories

Disrupting the Home Security Device Industry

As a highly innovative company, Canary wanted a service provider that not only had all the channels necessary today—such as voice, email, SMS, social messengers, live chat with AI and bots, and video—but a service provider that also continuously strives to innovate to accommodate all the communication channels that customers may depend on in the future.

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“My job is to go where the customer conversation is happening,” said Gavin Blair, Head of Customer Experience at Canary. “Because Bright Pattern is so dedicated to bridging the gap between customers and customer service centers, I believe their service will continue to provide channels that are cutting edge.”

Bright Pattern provided the multichannel solution that Canary had been looking for. The Bright Pattern solution integrated seamlessly with their current Zendesk ticketing system, providing channels for inbound and outbound voice and chat. Bright Pattern also provided flexibility in the organization of call flows with data dips into Zendesk and automatic ticket creation and updates.

Canary’s Results of Switching to Bright Pattern

  • Decreased average hold time by over 40%
  • Decreased average handle time by 8%
  • Increased average time to abandon by 65%
  • Increased agent productivity through use of various channels and seamless integration with Zendesk
  • Existing customers were immediately found with each new interaction, and a new ticket was created
  • New customer record and ticket created in Zendesk with each new customer interaction
  • New call/interaction information automatically updated and reported with each new interaction

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