autoRetouch Launches To Revolutionize Image Editing For Fashion Products

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autoRetouch – the first end-to-end, automated image processing platform – launched its Open Beta phase. Powered by AI, the company currently offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for automated bulk-processing of Fashion product images.

Users create an account on the autoRetouch website and are able to try the service for free with up to 10 images. To process additional images they buy credits on a pay-as-you-go basis. The price to process one image is €0.10. The service is designed around the concept of workflows. Workflows are created by ‘chaining up’ AI components in a drag and drop interface. Each component represents an automated version of a common image-editing task. The product currently offers components for the automation of repetitive, yet highly impactful image-editing work, such as background removal and skin retouch. Users retain full creative control over the output and can process hundreds of images simultaneously. The average editing time on a typical fashion product image drops from minutes to seconds.

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Changing the industry paradigm

“The production process of product images in fashion — from photoshoot to post-production, to bringing the images to online catalogs — is a highly inefficient and expensive process today,” said autoRetouch Co-Founder and CEO, Alex Ciorapciu. “However, if you leverage the latest computer vision technology and combine it with today’s scalable cloud infrastructure, you can change the industry paradigm from manual work to automation; and with that not only save costs but deliver more speed and higher output consistency,” he added.

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Accelerating the move to e-commerce

The launch of autoRetouch is unexpectedly timely. As the global economy assesses the impact and slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is already clear: The move from Offline- to E-commerce has accelerated further. “With autoRetouch, we want to do our part to help retailers and everyone in the E-commerce image editing supply chain scale their operations in the new reality we live in and take some of the most unrewarding and repetitive parts of the image production process off their shoulders,” said Alex Ciorapciu. “That’s why the €0.10 price per image is an important part of autoRetouch’s value proposition,” he added and further elaborates, “we want to make it easy and highly rewarding financially to trust in our automated image processing service.”

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