Logiq Teams with GumGum to Bring MRC-Accredited Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety to E-Commerce Marketers

Logiq, Inc., a global provider of award-winning e-commerce and fintech solutions, has partnered with GumGum, a global media and contextual intelligence company, to provide e-commerce marketers a powerful targeting solution for their digital advertising campaigns.

GumGum will offer its contextual intelligence solution, Verity™, through the Logiq Digital Marketing™ (LDM) platform. Verity is one of the only contextual intelligence solutions to combine natural language processing (NLP) with computer vision (CV). This combination creates a powerful solution that scans the entirety of a digital media environment, providing a precise understanding of the overall context through text, imagery, audio and video.

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Digital marketing agencies and brands will be able to use LDM to add contextual intelligence to their overall multi-channel e-commerce marketing campaigns. From the LDM dashboard, e-commerce marketers will be able to assess the value of their digital ad placement. It will also help protect marketers from bidding on media that has negative or not relevant contextual sentiments relative to a brand’s core values. The integration is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2021.

Today’s digital advertising landscape offers marketers the opportunity to bid on ad placements across websites, mobile apps, audio, and connected TV experiences. Given the vast digital landscape, marketers should know the context of the media surrounding ad placements before submitting their bid on the ad space.

However, this can be tremendously complex, as most ad placements have a combination of text, images, audio and video media, making it difficult to assess the impression of the context as a whole. Verity solves this problem by analyzing all of the media components together using the power of AI and computer vision, and thereby the overall contextual sentiment surrounding a particular ad placement.

“We are excited to bring our contextual and brand safety solution to the Logiq Digital Marketing platform,” stated William Merchan, head of Verity at GumGum. “Accounting for context has proven to be a superior targeting method, especially compared to using third-party cookies. The decisions by media platforms to phase out the usage of third-party cookies further underscores the value and importance of contextual targeting.”

GumGum recently announced that Verity is the first independent advertising technology provider to be accredited for content-level technology by the Media Rating Council. A recent study by Dentsu reported on the efficiency of contextual targeting versus behavioral and found that GumGum’s Verity solution showed a cost-per-click that was 48% lower than the behaviorally targeted ads studied.

Manny Puentes, president of LDM, commented: “Our platform is designed to provide interoperability with the industry’s leading solutions that our clients rely upon. Integrating leading third-party solutions into a marketer’s media buying tool has traditionally only been available for larger enterprise platforms. We continue to break that paradigm with this GumGum partnership.”

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