NRF Vision 2020 Update: Channable Debuts in the US with New BigCommerce Integration

Channable has Launched BigCommerce Integration and PPC Price Extension Functionality at NRF Vision 2020 

Today, Channable, a leading provider of retail solutions that optimize product and service go-to-market strategies and online advertising, announced the US debut of its Channable platform at NRF Vision 2020. Due to customer demand, the company also announced its BigCommerce integration and PPC Price Extension functionality.

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Channable Leveraging NRF Vision 2020 to Showcase its Data Feed Management and Online Retail Expertise

The Channable platform provides brands, online retailers and agencies with product data feed management  and PPC solutions, enabling clients to sell and effectively advertise their products on any marketplace.  Its core platform offers transparent pricing, optimizations, organizational capabilities, on-demand customizations (through Channable’s customer support) and monthly subscription models provide retailers of all sizes the scalability and flexibility needed to operate online stores in today’s economy.

With over 3,000 clients worldwide using the platform’s data feeds, price comparisons, order synchronization and affiliate platforms, Channable connects businesses with global marketplaces, including Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

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Customers in the US will Benefit from SaaS E-commerce Products

For its US debut, Channable has integrated with BigCommerce for retailers utilizing the SaaS e-commerce platform.  Additionally, the company is offering a PPC Price Extension functionality enabling customers to create multiple variations of advertisements on products or services within the same ad.

Reflecting dynamic price changes in the product data feed, this function automatically changes the ad – saving significant time and resources with a manual approach.

For clients who already subscribe to Channable’s SEA tool, the PPC add-on is available at no cost.

“Our name may be new, but our experience and trusted online retail solutions are established,” said Rob van Nuenen, CEO and Co-founder of Channable.

Rob added, “Retailers of all sizes have come to rely on our platform to go-to-market quickly with their products and services and run successful online stores. Our user-friendly platform enables retailers to organize, optimize and market their products across search engines, e-commerce sites, and social networks at any time in minutes. Independently owned and built, Channable adapts and responds to the needs of its clients. With customer service in five languages, merchants’ voices are heard with our solution for all channel connections. Channable combines the organizing and advertising of product feed data in one system. Coupled with a user-friendly interface and smart categorization, any user can jump right into the tool and get their listings in front of customers.”

Currently, Channable is a universal platform enabling brands, online retailers and agencies to accelerate their go-to-market strategies by optimizing product and service placement within online advertising. Its innovative technology spans across hundreds of directories, search engines, e-commerce sites and social networks — providing actionable insights to improve retail performance and scale sales based on consumer needs.

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