Wishpond Partners With LaLeo, the Largest Medical eCommerce Platform in Mexico and Latin America, to Sell Wishpond’s Marketing Platform

  • Wishpond and LaLeo will partner to resell Wishpond’s platform and other Wishpond software and services in Latin America

  • LaLeo has more than 300,000 customers in Latin America, which will help to raise Wishpond’s profile and business in this region

Wishpond Technologies Ltd.(“Wishpond” or the “Company“), a provider of marketing focused online business solutions, is excited to announce a new partnership with J.P. Libros Ediciones Oklever, S.A. De C.V. (“LaLeo“) to help sell Invigo’s EverGeniusTM platform to the Latin American market.  LaLeo, headquartered in Mexico City, is the largest medical eCommerce marketplace in Latin America that serves the needs of doctors, dentists, medical students, and clinics. LaLeo sells a wide selection of medical books, medical and dental devices, consumables and accessories to more than 300,000 medical professionals and students.

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Wishpond’s wholly owned subsidiary, Invigo, uses its EvergeniusTM platform to offer specialized digital marketing services to help medical and dental clinics improve brand recognition and website conversions by growing their customer base and increasing revenue.  The platform’s key features include customer relationship management (CRM), reputation management, call tracking, marketing automation tools, mobile marketing through SMS, pay per click management, sales funnels, and analytics.

Pursuant to the partnership with Wishpond, LaLeo will provide support Invigo’s EvergeniusTM software platform to its medical and dental customers in Latin America. This partnership will help Wishpond access and sell into these major new markets.

“We’re very pleased to partner with LaLeo,” said Ali Tajskandar, Chairman and CEO of Wishpond. “LaLeo has built an enviable market share and a tremendous brand name as the go-to eCommerce vendor for medical and dental books and supplies.  The Latin American market is an important growth market for us and we believe that our EvergeniusTM platform can help LaLeo’s medical and dental customers grow their customer base in those markets.”

Pursuant to the agreement, Wishpond will provide LaLeo with training, software and support for the EvergeniusTM platform while LaLeo will host, resell and provide support with respect to the platform to its customers as well as providing localization and other customizations for the Latin American markets. Wishpond and LaLeo will share a percentage of the revenue derived from sales of software and services that are facilitated by LaLeo.

“We are extremely excited to work with Wishpond,” said Francisco Zárete, CEO of LaLeo. “We see tremendous synergies working with Wishpond since they offer a complete suite of software and services perfectly suited to help LaLeo’s customers with their online marketing needs.  We are excited to introduce our customers to the Evergenius platform.”

This partnership opens up a significant opportunity for Wishpond to access and sell to a large and growing Mexican and Latin American market more efficiently through LaLeo which has more than a million followers.  It also allows LaLeo to increase its engagement and grow its business with its medical and dental customers.

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