Leanplum and Amplitude Partner to Deliver Hyper-Targeted Mobile Campaigns

Dual Platform Analysis Enables Marketers to Tailor Behavior-Driven Campaigns for Radically Improved Engagement

Leanplum, the leader in mobile marketing engagement and Amplitude, the leader in Product Intelligence, announced a fully integrated partnership that enables users to simultaneously harness the power of both platforms to optimize mobile marketing campaigns and accelerate product improvements.

Marketing teams can now use Leanplum to run personalized campaigns to different user personas across all mobile marketing channels.  Then, tapping into Amplitude’s comprehensive product analytics, clients can surface actionable usage insights and increase the impact of campaign reruns. Trends in user behavior and triggers that lead to the desired user outcome are easily identified through Amplitude and used to create behavioral cohorts that can be targeted with the Leanplum platform for improved KPIs.

Furthermore, new product features can be tested before they are released, and experiences can be personalized for various user segments. As a result, product improvements are accelerated and move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to create a personalized experience for users and drive end-to-end growth.

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The Leanplum and Amplitude dynamic feedback loop enables bi-directional data to be transmitted between the two platforms and allows marketing teams to analyze user behavior to create tailored, behavior-driven campaigns. Leanplum-generated data from mobile campaigns and A/B tests are intuitively exported into Amplitude’s platform for advanced behavioral analyses. Lookalike audiences can then be exported back into Leanplum’s platform to improve campaign reach and efficacy.

With Leanplum and Amplitude you can:

  • Align in-app experience with messaging campaigns to drive end-to-end growth
  • Conduct A/B testing of product features and identify which variants drive desired behaviors
  • Understand in real-time the effect of campaigns on critical metrics around adoption, engagement conversion, retention and lifetime user value (LTV)
  • Identify lookalike personas to uncover more users who will respond favorably to a campaign
  • Adjust strategy based on a deep understanding of user behavior

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“Understanding the intricacy and diversity of user behavior is key to driving successful campaigns,” said Ed Sullivan, SVP, Global Alliances & Partnerships of Leanplum. “We’re delighted to partner with Amplitude to deliver an even stronger and more real-time analysis of how audiences engage with campaigns and in-app experiences for improved conversion, retention, adoption and feature roll-out.”

“The detailed behavioral insights into the full user experience journey we provide helps our customers rapidly build and improve digital products and grow their business,” said Tai Rattigan, VP of Global Partnerships of Amplitude. “Partnering with Leanplum enables us to expand upon our data-driven approach to product development by integrating insights into personalized multichannel campaigns for improved KPIs.”

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