5 Restaurant Marketing Hacks You Can Benefit From Today


Restaurants like to think that great food and ambiance are all that’s needed to sell their experience. However, getting that message across in the jungle of social media and online adverts can lead to a confused marketing and social approach. Follow these sensible, practical and accessible strategies to promote your eatery successfully:

Location, Staff, Signature Dish

The three things that will win any restaurant business are the keys to any good marketing. First, sell the location of the restaurant. Focus on local marketing to attract customers in your village, town and surrounding areas. Make the place a “destination” that is accessible for romantic or family meals, business functions, as part of a night out and other reasons to eat there. Focus on these and build a drum-beat of messaging through advertising and social media.

Every restaurant needs a figurehead, from a friendly Maitre d’ to a rumbunctious head chef or a popular waiter or waitress. Use these as the focal point for marketing offering a warm welcome across social media.

Finally, focus on the food and any dishes that are distinctive or unique to your restaurant. Between these three cornerstones, you can build the image of a place that people will want to eat and be seen at.

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Use Media As A Powerful Tool

Most restaurants have their stock photos of their meals. But go further with high-quality photography of the ingredients, the local farms, or regions and countries they come from. Don’t be afraid to shoot video of the kitchen in action, with passion and detailed processes about what goes into creating meals. All of these add to the story of your restaurant and create a place that people understand more and believe in.

Link Into Local Events

There’s a lot going on in any town or city, with a steady stream of business events, concerts, functions and seasonal shindigs. Link in your restaurant to passing trade by offering discounts, free drinks for attendees and so on. Use event-based hashtags, and don’t be afraid to talk to celebrities or acts, and their fans coming to town. Post on social media pages and forums for events passing through your area, anything that makes you a part of a bigger scene.

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Go Mobile With An App

Any business can benefit from an app, including restaurants. They can offer easy booking and interesting updates for regular customers, loyalty ideas and discounts to get people coming back, as well as being an easy way to link to recommendation sites, posts and social media as a way of keeping the positive messages flowing about your restaurant and what it has to offer.

Go With the Plan

Finally, while you can start working on all of these ideas today, have a plan. Don’t just go about your marketing in an ad hoc fashion. A logically, well-prepared restaurant marketing plan is half the battle. Armed with it, you can promote the business in a cost-effective manner, using key selling points that are proven to work. You’ll be ready for major events and ahead of the curve on seasonal promotions.

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