5 Pinterest Hacks That Can Be Used For B2B Marketing

Pinterest, When Used Intelligently, Can Help You Drive Traffic to Your Website and Help Your Marketing Strategy Too

Wait! Before you dismiss Pinterest as a place where young women go for their wedding gown inspiration, allow us to help you see the other side. Pinterest is much more than a social media platform that can be used as a B2C platform for women-centric consumer goods.

Pinterest allows its users to visually discover, curate and share their interests by posting or ‘pinning’ images, videos and links on digital boards. On the surface, this may come across as a good premise for B2C Marketing, but believe it or not, some of the leading B2B companies, including IBM, Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, HP, Oracle, Intel, GE, Microsoft, and Cisco, are actively engaging their audience on Pinterest.

5 Pinterest Hacks That Can Be Used For B2B Marketing
Salesforce currently has 14 different Boards on its Pinterest page

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Here’s How B2B Marketers Can Use Pinterest

  1. Visual content
    Remember, Pinterest is all about visuals, so use your infographics, and repurpose your existing content to drive traffic to your Pinterest boards. Some tips to generate good content

    • Create some engaging Boards for your audience to spend time on. Split up and arrange your boards depending on different categories, who are your targeted audiences, and what interests them.
    • Allow your pins to jump off the page by adding extra information. With every image you upload, include an informative caption using specific keywords, link it to the specific landing page on your website.
    • Create a group or collaborative board and invite your audience as well as employees to add their own pins to it. Not only does this allow you to form connections, it also helps promote your brand as the owner of the board.
  2. Generate leads
    Using your existing and new content, and by allowing your audience to reach your website, you can generate traffic. Once these targeted audiences reach your landing pages, you can easily use pins for gated content to drive leads. You can also use the CTA (calls to action) approach. Drive traffic to your blog to increase the likelihood of conversion from there. Give your audience a next step to further engage with your business.
  1. Build a loyal base
    • Don’t shy away from using your other social media pages to drive traffic to your Pinterest page.
    • Connect with your audience through repins and establish contact through one-on-one interactions.
    • Add a ‘Top Pin’ or ‘Pin of the Month’ link to your newsletter.
    • Share pins and boards with your business partners, so that you can drive traffic to your as well as their company website, thereby doubling up audience engagement too.
  2. Use Humor
    5 Pinterest Hacks That Can Be Used For B2B Marketing
    IBM’s Pinterest page hosts a Tech in Fashion board that engages its audience with informative yet cool pins

    No one likes to engage with boring content, be it B2B or B2C audience. So create a board of your CSR activities or share photos of your office parties. Show that your company isn’t just another corporate machine where dreams go to die, use humor. You can also have an entire board dedicated to your customers. Remember social media is all about people, and so is B2B social media marketing.

  3. Track your progress
    Pinterest allows you to analyze your engagement through Pinterest Analytics, use it to understand what works and what doesn’t for your content. You can also use PinPinterest, the Pinterest automation tool, and its intelligent content-detection algorithm to drive your engagement.

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