5 Ways Your Human Resource Department Can Connect with Candidates Faster

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Proprofs logoDo you think your recruitment process lasts longer than it should? Are you afraid that the recruitment duration jeopardizes your business performance? Vacant job positions indeed provoke lower efficiency and, therefore, higher costs. To eliminate unnecessary losses and speed up the recruitment process, you should start with speeding up the connection with job seekers. This is an important recruitment challenge, as well as one of the main hiring issues. To help you successfully overcome this phase, we’re discussing the five most efficient ways that the Human Resource department can adopt to reach out to the candidates faster.

5 Ways Your Human Resource Department Can Connect with Candidates Faster

Read on and find out how to accelerate the initial phase of the recruitment process and accordingly, improve important recruiting functions.

1. Design a powerful job ad

To reach out to potential candidates and make them react fast, you should create an appealing job ad. And by this, we don’t only refer to its appearance. You also have to make it appealing for search engines, by optimizing its content. Otherwise, job seekers won’t even see it.

Primarily, you should include all the important aspects of job position, clearly and concisely, avoiding jargon and complex technical terms. Obligatorily include job title, location, salary, and other key information that can attract the ideal candidates.

Also, it’s extremely important to double check ad content in terms of grammar and orthography. Not only do these mistakes negatively impact your brand image but also increase job seekers’ skepticism and hesitation.

2. Engage with potential candidates on social media

Many businesses use social media to engage with their customers. 48% of consumers have reported that they expect an instant response to social media questions and complaints, with a maximum waiting time of 24 hours.

5 Ways Your Human Resource Department Can Connect with Candidates Faster
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However, when it comes to relationships with potential employees, the situation is a bit different (of course, except in the case of LinkedIn). And it shouldn’t be like that.

While social media represent great places for brand promotion, they can also become amazing communication channels with job seekers. For instance, you may have some passionate followers who would like to become a part of your team.

If you go a step further and let them apply using social media, you’ll successfully overcome a significant recruitment challenge. You’ll eliminate unnecessary formal procedures and speed up the entire application process.

3. Let your employees suggest new colleagues

Sometimes, HR departments ask the existing employees to recommend new coworkers before publishing a job ad. And this practice has multiple advantages. Firstly, the connection process lasts shorter, since you get contacts and recommendations faster. Secondly, the recommendations come from people you trust, so you can be more relaxed choosing the right candidate. Finally, you can speed up important recruiting functions by skipping some phases that are necessary in case of classic job advertising.

4. Create an inspiring career page

The majority of job seekers will check your website before making a decision. That’s why it’s highly important to design a career page. There, you can share:

  • Business values and employees’ experience
  • The application instructions
  • Contact information

An engaging career page doesn’t only present your company as an attractive workplace. It also catches the job seekers’ attention faster and encourages them to connect with you and apply.

Finally, make sure to create a responsive, mobile-friendly career page. According to The Undercover Recruiter, 86% of job seekers use their phones when searching for a job. And you don’t want to lose them just because of a poorly designed web page.

5. Use live chat software for Human Resource Management

5 Ways Your Human Resource Department Can Connect with Candidates FasterOne of the main hiring issues nowadays is that some HR departments still neglect the benefits of technology available. For instance, if you use live chat software for Human Resource management, you can significantly improve important recruiting functions. Apart from letting you communicate with candidates fast, it also allows you:

  • Save and analyze your chat sessions
  • Exchange multimedia content with candidates
  • Create and filter candidates’ profiles based on chat sessions
  • Integrate your knowledge base with chat software to facilitate the flow of information

If you use live chat software for Human Resource management, you can communicate with your candidates more efficiently. Moreover, you can interview a more significant number of candidates owed to the possibility of having multiple chat sessions at a time.

Overcome Important Recruitment Challenge: Connect With Candidates Faster

As you can see, some of the main hiring issues are related to excessive recruitment duration. And, luckily, some great tips that can help save time in the initial recruiting phase. First of all, you should make sure to create an appealing and informative job post that will make candidates react faster.

Also, don’t forget to create an engaging career page on your website and use live chat software for Human Resource management. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of social media and your employees’ recommendations when reaching out to potential employees.

These shortcuts won’t only save your time by shortening the hiring process, but they’ll also save the money you’d otherwise have to invest in the search for the best job candidates.

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