Retailers Can Dominate Amazon Prime Day With Lightning-Quick and Live-Time Campaign Results

Amazon Prime Day is nearly here, and with it, one of the biggest e-commerce days of the year for thousands of retailers. As online shops become flooded with clicks and virtual carts become filled, the frenetic pace means that digital advertisers can hardly afford to wait hours, let alone days, to see how their campaigns are performing. By the time they have enough usable customer data from their websites and online stores, Amazon Prime Day might already be in the rear-view mirror.

But what if advertisers could see the results of their paid social media and display campaigns just two minutes after launch?

By offering lightning-quick results on advertisers’ campaigns, Pocketmath lets advertisers analyze and adjust their campaigns in a matter of minutes and outpace their competitors on even the busiest of e-commerce days.

Having data just 120 seconds after launch can give e-commerce marketers a major advantage in numerous ways. During a busy period like Prime Day, high-volume retailers could run five different advertisements for the same product, each with a different image, for a couple of minutes. After seeing how each ad performs for the first few minutes, the lower-performing ads could be switched off and the full campaign budget could be applied to the ad or two that are performing best.

Rather than take hours to procure results like most other ad platforms, and let the lower-performing ads continue to display during a peak period of customer activity, a two-minute data turnaround lets marketers run A/B tests on their campaigns and optimize them almost instantaneously.

Another way marketers can monetize this turnaround advantage is that high-performing campaigns can be identified after minutes and have budgets re-calibrated accordingly. If a campaign is resulting in purchases at twice the rate as expected, marketers can up its budget and take even more advantage of its robust performance. On the flip side, marketers can more quickly detect campaigns that aren’t reaching their desired KPIs and potentially cut bait on an unsuccessful campaign if needed.

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Either way, Pocketmath’s lightning-fast turnaround eliminates the waiting game that fast-moving marketers cannot afford to play.

Near-instant campaign feedback also helps marketers gain a better understanding of their customers’ journeys and the demographics of which users are responding best to a campaign. If a few minutes of data show that 25-34 year-olds are purchasing flatscreen TVs at a rate three times higher than 55-64 year-olds, then marketers could consider reallocating more budget toward the younger, better-converting graphic. Or, the same marketer could switch out the ad copy and image for the 55-64 year-olds. And this can all happen in a matter of minutes after a campaign’s launch. While a few minutes may not be an ample sample size for certain products and brands, it can be crucial at times like Prime Day where inventory is flying off the digital shelf and every minute counts.

Amazon Prime Day can be controlled chaos for e-commerce brands and retailers, as forecasting and campaign prep can only go so far. Seeing digital ad results in just 120 seconds empowers marketers to pull and adjust the right levers within minutes to gain more control over their campaigns and ensure a successful Prime Day from start to finish.