The Secret to Great Visitor Management: People Management

Visitor management may seem like a boring and unglamorous aspect of corporate life. But the fact is that it is an important discipline where meaningful interactions and engagements should be the norm. Your firm should ideally implement a personalized digital reception process to greet and welcome your guests warmly when they enter your building. Further, you should take steps to prioritize visitor and client needs, and eagerly build a good connection with your guests as a part of an effective visitor management program.

An Excellent First Impression

Utilize a visitor management system to facilitate efficient digital reception in your enterprise. This can help to speed up the process and save time for your guests which they will appreciate. In addition, visitor management software can also make the registration and sign-in procedures more efficient compared to the tedious paper-based procedure.

Visitors get a look at what it is like to be an employee of your firm. They can view the inner functioning of your organization clearly during their visit. This gives you a great opportunity to display your generous company culture and ethos to these external parties. Therefore, it is essential to elevate the visitor experience and generate a wonderful first impression on them.

Stakeholders learn about your firm in the reception lobby. Your corporation should treat all stakeholders in the same warm manner, be they government officials, industry colleagues, other company staff, delivery men, support service employees, essential vendors, important clients, or primary investors. All should be considered equal in importance for your organization’s mission.

When visitors enter your premises, they must instantly feel invited and welcome because they also have a stake in your company’s outcomes. Each guest is vital to your enterprise’s mission and therefore you should take the needed steps to create an amazing first impression on them.

A visitor management system can help to significantly reduce their waiting time which will send a positive message to them that your company is a professional unit that values the time of their employees and guests. Streamline and simplify the visitor management process and get rid of paper altogether to boost efficiency and productivity. In addition, an online visitor management software solution can help to boost safety and security in your campus and building.

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People Are More Important Than Technology 

By automating and streamlining digital reception, you can produce a wonderful impression on your visitors and foster enriched professional relationships with them. Further, you can have more productive and better meetings and conferences with them. Your company can invest in a quality visitor management solution like piLOBI which is designed around the requirements of a firm’s employees and uses technology to improve their tasks.

piLOBI goes beyond merely offering a secure sign-in and simplifying the guest experience. This platform lays stress on people’s needs and offers personalized and humanized visitor management tools. It is non-intrusive, intuitive, and simple to use. Your staff and visitors will hardly notice it as the software performs its tasks unobtrusively in the background. This frees your reception and security personnel’s burdens and time, and they can focus on offering a great visiting experience to your guests.

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Protects Data Privacy 

Enterprises in the US and Europe are mandated by regulations like the Privacy Shield, GDPR, etc. to protect the personal information of their visitors and guests.

Therefore, your firm needs to pay attention and adhere to these data guidelines. piLOBI protects your company’s sensitive business and visitor data by employing stringent security protocols. You can convey this to your guests to give them peace of mind and increase their trust in your organization.

Offers Flexibility for Mobile Employees

Another advantage of piLOBI is it enables your company’s host employees to meet their guests anywhere on the premises. They don’t have to conduct their meetings in an enclosed indoor space. piLOBI facilitates location flexibility and the system can be easily adapted for multiple places and the cloud computing needs of your modern staff and visitors. By placing importance on an efficient and productive visitor management process, your company can deliver the message that it cares about its guests and wishes to make them feel part of the organization.

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