5 Travel and Luxury Brands that Use Technology for Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the crux of any business’s functioning. With the advent of technology, there are many new solutions to the age-old problems that are being easily resolved. Customer experience might have its importance in every industry on a varying level, but for luxury and travel brands, it is always the top priority.

Luxury and travel brands are hence, obliged to use customer feedback software to meticulously analyze the customer data, and work on it to improve customer experience (CX). The usage of various CX software by different travel and luxury ventures has prompted the competition to up their game and utilize it in innovative ways to stand out of the crowd and attract more customers.

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Here, we have compiled a list of 5 Luxury and Travel brands that were able to set new trends and utilize CX software to enhance their customer experience.

1. Delta Airlines

Taking Personalization to a new level, Delta Airlines has excelled in improving the customer experience of its travelers with its own device. They recently re-launched their Guest Service Tool, which helps the staff, as well as the travelers for their in-flight experience. For instance, the staff can actively monitor travelers and identify frequent ones, check for any negative feedback, and provide immediate assistance to the travelers in need.

Moreover, Delta also makes sure that the travelers’ privacy is maintained so they don’t feel uncomfortable sharing insights about their experience through the device’s CX app. This step for in-flight personalization quickly caught on popularity and was then adopted by many other airlines to improve their CX.

2. Radisson

One of the top luxury hotels worldwide, Radisson has an efficient functionality that gets a major assist from its Visitor Management System. Radisson has one of the best visitor management worldwide, and it is primarily due to how it is incorporated into their functioning. A general hotel would just depend upon the reports or the notifications their VMS provides them. But Radisson employs its visitor management system in almost every corner to make sure that its visitors are satisfied at all times and quickly attends to all the requests, queries, or complaints to resolve them as soon as possible.

Moreover, the reception, room service, and other areas have their own personalized features that help in the efficient delivery of services.

3. Expedia

Expedia has a lot under its belt when it comes to the booking landscape of various websites and apps. But one of its campaigns in 204 set the benchmark in obtaining user data and incorporating it into CX software for increased customer engagement. Expedia made a social media campaign in which it asked the users to build their own infographic about their travel experiences, which would include data like the number of countries traveled, places preferred, ratings of places visited, and much more.

With this collected data, meticulous analytics, and targeted tactics, Expedia was able to personalize the experience for the app or website users and boost their engagement by over 8% in a matter of months.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb has been one of the most used platforms for booking accommodations. This is majorly accredited to their customer experience software that takes care of its customers’ needs. Airbnb is known worldwide for its quick responses and resolutions for its customers. This is due to the incorporation of their CX software with AI that analyzes customer behavior online and tends to the needs of unsatisfied customers or customers with queries.

5. Hilton

Hilton recently launched its own app that accumulates every aspect of a customer journey and presents the customers with a plethora of options to improve their customer experience. Their app incorporates check-ins, check-outs, property maps, room keys, live chatting with the staff, room service options, and much more all into one app. This gives customers the freedom to enjoy their stay at the hotel and get instant services directly from the app.


It is imperative for luxury and travel brands to implement smart strategies to improve their CX with the help of technology in today’s world. Taking inspiration from the brands, brands can come up with their own innovative takes on trends to create new ones by promptly utilizing technology and boost their business ten folds.

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