Top 5 Visitor Management Softwares for Offices and Workplaces

ParamInfo LogoMost organizations attract a large number of visitors. Their ever-expanding potential in terms of data and money drives the need for keeping their data secure. When considering premises protection, a completely automated visitor management solution offers versatile, effective and easy-to-use check-in with round the clock protection that will keep the businesses and their people safe. Here are some of the best top visitor management software for offices and workplaces:

1. piLOBI

Headquartered in Dubai, piLOBI is a one-stop visitor management system for your workplace reception management. From Small and Medium Enterprises to Multinational Corporations, piLOBI provides a comprehensive package for digitizing the visitor management process. Pilobi has redefined the safety of organizations while streamlining other processes via features like the digital reception, meeting management and real-time host notifications to optimize operational costs and minimize workloads.

piLOBI is not only a flexible and multilingual platform but also offers integrated packages at competitive price points for different organizations.

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2. iLobby

Headquartered in Toronto, iLobby is one of the largest growing SaaS-based visitor management platforms and is being used in several Fortune 500 companies. The platforms’ coveted user base with clients like PepsiCo, Netflix, and Unilever is a testament to the reliability of iLobby in terms of increasing efficiency, optimizing out-dated processes and improving security simultaneously.

They provide visitor notifications, via voice alerts, SMS, and a variety of options to the host in addition to visitor image capture for safety reasons. They also have implemented visitor badges and QR codes that update themselves to ease subsequent visits and visitor credentials and clearance levels. In the event of an emergency, iLobby has an evacuation mode that notifies employees and management of the issue at hand and keeps things running smoothly.

3. Lobbipad

Lobbipad is one of the leading modernized visitor management systems. In order to simplify the entire process, Lobbipad has a front desk system that enables all of its features in a single iPad. As they enter a company’s lobby, visitors will see an iPad on a stand, which they can use to check-in.

Lobbipad offers instant host notifications, wireless label printing of visitor passes, a detailed log of visitors with photos, check-in, and check-out for security purposes, and a legal compliance agreement that visitors have to agree to before checking in, to prevent any fraudulent activity. Lobbipad’s API also enables connection to third party platforms like Slack and Active directory.

4. Envoy

Envoy is a modernized visitor management system with secured 24-hour protection to the business and its employees. It is a flexible, feature-rich, and new-age visitor management system that was designed with the motive of creating modern and beautiful software that would enhance the workplace experience. So, it comes armed with a set of useful and unique features using which one can keep track of everything that comes inside the company from the front door. It has a simple interface to administer the visitors who sign-in through the sleek iPad, which makes a great statement about the company.

5. Sine

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in South Australia, Sine is a smart and solid visitor management software that enhances the workplace experience and boosts business growth in unbeatable ways. Its client base has names such as Vodafone, General Electric, Goodman, and Arup among other notable ones. Sine loads across the web, iPad, and free mobile apps for Android and iPhone, which makes it easier to track and monitor visitors and staff, anywhere.

It is tailor-made and creative and has features to customize the pre-registration for faster check-in. They also offer a 30 days trial to test its competence before going all the way.

Organizations see too much that goes on in a day’s work to keep track of it all. The best way to cut the operational costs and focus on improving the company’s efficiency is to throw out the registers and leave it to the smart experts in visitor management, piLOBI. With a centralized management dashboard, data-driven decisions and notifications are made in real-time, empowering companies to measure their success and plan for the future. Check out our website for more information.

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