Top 8 Help Desk Certifications Your Support Agents Should Know About

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Your customers expect to receive the best support experience when they get in touch with your brand. That’s why you find it feasible to invest in support tools that allow you to build a delightful experience for your customers.

And if you have arrived at this article, you’ve probably invested in a help desk software.

With a help desk software, your agents can make sure that they never miss out on a customer support email. That’s because they get to manage all the support, accounts, marketing, and sales email ids from a single dashboard. However, there’s a catch.

Using a customer support tool like help desk software is just a part of delivering an outstanding customer experience. Your agents need to need to learn how to optimize their performance while they use the customer support tool. They need to learn how to manage, provide support as per expectations, and become familiar with common customer interactions. And, that’s possible if they take up the required help desk certification.

Help desk support certification becomes all the more essential when the field of Information Technology is not your agents’ forte. Your team members are likely not gurus in repairs either, thus, it is paramount that the necessary steps be taken.

Amidst numerous pieces of training available on IT, the professionalism of your staff is non-negotiable. Education on how your staff can utilize help desk certification to boost their efficiency is available. What’s more, some of the help desk certification online are free too. That means you can get them trained with no investment at your end. But just in case you want them to attain more than one IT help desk certification, then you can let them know that paid certifications are also available.

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The best help desk certifications are made up of diverse courses that let your staff attain good knowledge on how to provide the best support experience to customers. This certification helps your agents to communicate with customers and support them with professional and personalized manner. These help desk certifications online signify that participants have mastered the use of IT tools.

Certifications differentiate professional staff from a newbie IT person. The availability of these diverse certifications has made them somewhat underrated. However, it is important to employ IT staff with valid professional certifications. Some of these certification courses are paid for while some are not. Also, some free best help desk skills add to the overall credibility and reliability of a company. In terms of the best help desk certification, below are 8 top-rated support certifications that are efficient.

8 Must-Have Help Desk Certifications For Your Support Agents

Here are the top certifications that your help desk team should have to ensure the smooth running of your IT department:

1. Google IT Support

This certification from Google coaches on the fundamentals of customer aid for personnel with no such education at all. It is an online training perfect for the new and inexperienced to complicated technical problems. The course encourages interaction and tests to aid students to understand how to troubleshoot any kind of device. In a unique way, Google inputs customer feedback into training for more practical coaching. It allows people who have used the training to testify about how it has aided their careers. This propels the trainees towards understanding the certification’s importance.

2. Microsoft IT Support

This program also gives help desk certification online. It is structured on the offers of Microsoft and commences by going over the basics of IT and customer aid, for better understanding. It then elaborates on the use of Microsoft applications for diverse aid mechanisms. The training with Microsoft is fast-paced and trustworthy. This course is paid for, but the peculiar lessons to its products are free. Thus, if your team prefers a different software, single lessons can be paid for. This is cost-efficient and ensures the right training for maximum efficiency.

3. HDI Certifications

This is a certification online IT help desk training that concentrates on how to serve customers. It focuses on teaching trainees to boost communication skills. For example, it teaches systematic steps on how to deal with customers’ wants. In addition, this IT help desk certification course gives room for classroom sessions that one can attend online or physically. Each session lasts six hours and is handled by experts on customer relations.

4. Network+

Network+ certification help desk is a brainchild of “CompTIA”. The course deals with troubleshooting problems concerning the network that customers seem to have problems with. Such problems are errors with connection, as well as network access and security. This particular coaching gives no room for a network failure whilst in training. It starts by defining concepts related to network and technology. It also explains how the latter collaborates with aid tools, just like Wi-Fi does. Furthermore, it dissects suitable methods to deal with hardware and network problems of connectivity. The training ends with lessons on how to secure your network against cyber malware and fraud.

5. CompTIA Certifications

This help desk certification training is an online program that concentrates on building one’s career. It trains on fundamental knowledge for a career in the IT and customer relations. It also explains the tools expected to be used while aiding a customer. It also teaches representatives discretion on confidential data. It elaborates on threats common to devices, and how best to keep information safe. A customer expects nothing less than this as a client, and thus, must be taught as serious. Finally, the trainee should understand the clear difference between competition and a customer with feedback.

6. ITIL Certification

Axelos as a help desk certification hammers on the rudiments of aiding a customer, and the tools for doing so. It teaches how to become a help desk technician by giving customers the best service. ITIL does this by providing practices that aid a proper understanding of this function. Do you know that participants can decide to go for lessons physically with a professional in the field? These lessons are spaced between just 48 hours, with an examination to rate the knowledge obtained. If attending training personally is not comfortable, a trainee can study with the course’s book online or printed.


The “Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate” (MCSA) is geared towards people that desire beginning jobs in the field of technology. This certification is a necessity for higher certifications of Microsoft. This certification takes enrollees through business intelligence, cloud computing, data performance, as well as server infrastructure. This certification program can be undertaken by anyone that has very little experience in the field of Information Tech. Even personnel with no experience at all can enroll in the program. People looking to venture into the world of IT to create a strong foundation can look to MCSA as a fantastic certification.


This stands for “Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert”. This certification is for experts in IT already who desire a platform to showcase novel solutions in multifacet tech globally. The MCSE can only be undertaken only after the completion of the MCSA. MCSE certifies one as a professional systems engineer and requires that the participant perform well on seven examinations. This certification takes enrollees through servers, web apps, as well as operating systems.

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Recent developments with MCSA and MCSE

Both the MCSA and MCSE are of high value and every IT expert is expected to have them. But it is important to note that, at this time, Microsoft could be repackaging its certifications to a portfolio of certification based on roles. Taking a dive into the current Microsoft pages for certificates shows that the MCSA and MCSE are currently not accessible. Although nothing is confirmed, it is likely that we will see some new releases soon in line with the speculated repackaging.


It is widely believed by customers that good customer relations and service prove an important factor​ that earns their loyalty.

However, there is another factor that can’t be overlooked by you when your agents enroll or either of the help desk certifications – the use of the best help desk software. It is also important to utilize the right software like ProProfs Help Desk software for a brand and its team. Customer needs are best attended to this way, thus increasing productivity.

Ensure you employ IT personnel with the right help desk support certification. Having the right knowledge and technique is essential to their portfolio and it is an advantage for them to be able to solve problems in an organization.

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