Top Tips for Marketers in 2020

Amy Barzdukas, CMO and EVP at Poly, shares the “Tips for Marketers in 2020”. Young marketing and sales professionals are likely to benefit from these marketing tips.

The business of marketing never stops evolving. It’s just the nature of our business that a new way of doing things is always around the corner: a new way to gather data, a new way to find customers, a new way to get your message out. Occasionally you’ll hear a wistful remark about past eras and how “things were simpler back then.”

Every generation looks back with rose-colored glasses. In the past, it WAS simpler. You might have known who your customers were – but you didn’t have access to much data, so you wouldn’t know which potential customers you were ignoring. You could type up your press release and mail it out to a few newspaper and magazine reporters – but you wouldn’t know if the letter got lost in the mailroom or was ignored. Lack of data and insight meant you could keep doing it as you’ve been doing it, and nothing could prove you wrong other than dismal results.

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Today, Poly can tweet something and reach nearly 40,000 people with the touch of a button.

We can post a 30-second demo video to YouTube that attracts thousands of interested viewers. I can even target industry colleagues and observers by writing an article on LinkedIn and can see who read it, who commented, who shared.

People in the past would jump at the chance to have that kind of instant reach and insight.

But, what we enjoy in immediacy is tempered by clutter – it’s harder for us to stand out from the crowd when thousands of others are competing for attention. And, our co-workers and clients might all be dialing into meetings from different time zones, making it more difficult to read the mood of the room.

Part of what we do at Poly is create products and software that overcome that hurdle, so you can still have that more intimate, face-to-face feeling.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by the speed of change, just remember a few tips:

  1. Stay Nimble: Too often executives make the mistake of figuring out a plan, locking it in and then sticking with it without regard for changing industry conditions. Never be afraid to build onto your plan, revise it, or even tear it up and start from scratch. And make sure that you and your team are regularly exploring new ways of doing things. The moment you stop being curious and stop learning is the moment your competition will leave you behind.
  1. Cut Through the Clutter: We’re all regularly bombarded with pitches for new tools that promise to help us do our jobs better. Smart marketers will quickly evaluate their options, grab what they need and discard what they don’t. When you’re faced with so many different options, there’s an urge to simply ignore it all because it’s overwhelming. Don’t let decision paralysis keep you from separating the wheat from the chaff. And remember to do this for your customers as well: Make it easy for them to choose your products or services.
  1. Stay Connected: With remote work growing in acceptance and popularity, don’t forget to check in with your far-flung colleagues as well as the folks down the hall. They’ll be able to offer a fresh, honest perspective that’s not tainted by the in-office echo chamber.

Follow these tips and someday in your hectic future, you’ll be looking back at 2020 and remembering how great everything was.

After all: These are the good old days!!!