Warm up Your Cold Social Traffic to Site for More Conversions

You can have two types of traffic on social media. One which is highly engaged and converts easily and one which is ‘cold’ and needs a push to visit a site and convert. Well, you can make the best use of both these two types of traffic and generate sales only if you know the ways to go about it.

Usually, the most common sources of cold traffic are those:

  • Push ads
  • Popup ads or
  • Link exchanging networks.

Actually, converting this cold traffic into warm or hot traffic is what a good Online Marketing campaign is all about. For this, you will need to have all those features and elements in your Social Media Marketing strategy that will help you to convert the cold traffic into hot traffic successfully.

First, if you want to make the conversions right, you will need to know the basics such as the types, the differences and then move on to the ways to make the conversions.

For most of the online marketers like Stormlikes, hot traffic is more valuable. This actually drives in 20 times more conversion in comparison to cold traffic. However, the real magic lies not in the type of traffic that you have but in the ways in which you can promote each of these sources and encourage them to visit your site and then convert them all into your loyal customers.

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Typically, if you can do it in the right way, then the cold traffic can outdo hot traffic. You can use different free and low-cost tools and sources to:

  • Warm up the cold visitors and direct them towards your site and offer them to make a sale and
  • To develop an effective strategy to ensure higher Sales conversions.

Often, it is the Pay-Per-View or PPV ads through which you will get such a large number of cold traffic.

Warming up Cold Traffic

However, this is a harder traffic source to convert into prospective sales. This is because:

  • There is no justified loyalty or trust established between the customer and company and
  • The customers may also be unaware of the benefits of the offer you make.

To provide them with that, you will need to follow some specific strategies aimed at the cold traffic. These strategies include:

  • Informing them more about your business, product, and offers
  • Driving them towards your website
  • Collecting their contact information by offering free newsletters or a free eBook and most importantly
  • By making such offers that will add something valuable in their lives.

The best and most effective way to gain the trust of the visitors is to use the social channels, especially Instagram, to post pictures and videos of your brand and product. You can also use different third-party sites such as YouTube for that matter so that the visitors come to know about your product and its benefits in the most natural way. For this you will need to:

  • Tell about the usage instructions
  • Show the benefits of your product
  • Provide the best solution through your product for a specific issue
  • Add a few endorsements and recommendations of your website and most importantly
  • Add a working link to your website

This will raise their expectations as a customer and make them more committed toward your brand. The primary idea should be abstaining from an aggressive sales pitch and gain more trust of the visitors to turn them into your customers.

Getting More Sales Leads

Your primary objective of using cold traffic is to get more sales leads through them. Using different tools and strategies, you will be able to get real visitors from social channels.

You will need to target your audience based on a couple of specific things such as:

  • The languages they prefer
  • The keywords available for that particular audience segment
  • They type of offers that will make a difference
  • Their location and demographics and
  • The requirements of the particular social network that you want to use.

However, when it comes to choosing a social channel, it is better and high yielding to choose one that is compatible with mobile devices. This will increase your potential outreach because people can check the necessary information on the go. Just make sure that you offer pages that are essentially mobile optimized.

You will also be better off in location targeting if you choose specific countries that speak the same language as the tool and site offers, and your text is written in. In most cases, the language used by default is English, but sometimes you will be better off if there are a few additional languages included. This will enable you to target more countries and a larger section of the social media users to increase traffic to your site.

Target the Right Devices

You will also need to target the right devices and browsers to turn your traffic into sales. In this modern world of business, you will not do well in your specific business and will not get higher traffic to your site if you only focus on desktop computers. You must necessarily use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to get to a larger audience because most people use a mobile device to use the internet now.

Therefore, you must make sure that:

  • Your webpage looks good both on a desktop computer as well as on a tablet
  • You focus more on mobile SEO and gain a high rank in the SERPs.

Also, make sure that you target specific browsers, especially when your offers are browser-specific such as a Google Chrome plugin.

All you have to do now is formulate a better plan to go ahead with your targeting. While doing that, make sure that evaluating your traffic and know the quality of engagement that you have been receiving as well as the exact numbers of visitors you have been getting.

Follow the rule of thumb here: If you do not find people navigating to your site after 2000 visitors, it is an indication that the offer is not suitable for the cold traffic. Change it and make a different offer.

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