How Can Marketers Make the Most of Cross Channel Insights?

As an experienced marketer, you got a flair for using insights and trends from one platform to assist with activities in another. It is beneficial and boosts your marketing efforts.

Why we say this here is because we are going to talk about one such insight – Cross channel insights. Let us dig in to find out more.

If you recently realized that your marketing efforts have reached a plateau and there is a dire need to introduce a new approach to break through the plateau, cross-channel insights can help you. These insights can boost your digital campaigns and prove to be fruitful for your marketing regimen.

It is time that you move beyond your usual resources, tool sets and processes to gain traction from your audience. While the insights from one channel help you reach a certain stage of business, it is time to bring a new approach using cross-channel insights to bring more efficiency and maximize the value of your data.

Many marketers argue that cross-channel marketing and analytics work in theory, but with a few simple yet effective ways it is easy to apply these theories into practice.

Getting started with cross-channel marketing

Most marketers think that cross-channel only works in theory, but it is not so. Cross-channel analytics and insights can be implemented in the real world marketing ecosystem. We will walk you through a comprehensive guide that can help you drive more leads and improve your customers’ experiences as well. A few starting points:

1. Plan

Without knowing your customers, you cannot target them. Therefore, the first step is to analyze the market and identify your potential customer. So you start by creating buyer personas.

You better start from what you already know. Review your marketing analytics, the data in hand, and look at your current clients. Some basic questions to answer here are:

  • What is the occupation of the current customers?
  • What age group do they belong to?
  • Which social media platforms do they use?
  • What does their average day look like?

These questions will give you an idea about your potential customers. The data you collect will help you create further marketing plans.

Find the Right Channels

If you already know your current customers, you can directly jump to this stage. You must pick up the right marketing channel for them. For instance, for your customers who belong to the age group of 21 to 25 years, the main touchpoints could be Pinterest and Instagram.

To boost your efforts, cross-channel insights will help.

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2. Engage

The next step is engaging your customers. For effective communication between brands and users, brands must understand the pain points and goals of the customers. Marketers must pay attention to:

Customer Journey Mapping

For a seasoned marketer, this is not new. Mapping a customer’s journey helps to identify the right touch points for the audience and track their behavior across various channels. The main goal of customer journey mapping is to understand the emotions and motivations behind a customer’s behavior.

Implementing cross-channel strategies

The research is over, and now it is time for action.

Let’s understand this by the following example:

  • A customer wants to buy a pair of sneakers. You being a sports brand, has several options to present. The customer will first type the search query on Google.
  • If your SEO works well, Google will list your website on the first page. Once your product is discovered, the potential customer will indulge in deep research.
  • The customer finds a video on Instagram to see the features, durability, and versatility of your pair of sneakers. Fortunately, your video works and the customer shows buying interest. At this stage, you need to create your video in such a way that the customer is directed toward your website.
  • Redirecting potential customers from social media platforms increases your brand visibility and builds more opportunities for the future.

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3. Analyze

The Last stage is the analysis of the work done. In this stage, you will identify the underperforming touchpoints and devise new strategies to improve them. Do the following:

  • You must gather all the information with the help of cross-channel analytics tools.
  • Once the information is gathered, you need to brainstorm and make reasonable business decisions to adjust your marketing strategy.

Today, marketers are handed various marketing technologies to cater to these requirements. As you already have a marketing ecosystem in place, you can easily add cross-channel marketing analytics tools to improve your overall marketing performance. Some of the popular ones are Improvado, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and many more.

It is time to club a new approach with the conventional methods to gain more traction in the market. Do it with cross-channel insights.

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