What To Look For In A Communication Platform

By Viktor Underwood, CEO of Quickchannel

Many organisations are starting to understand and appreciate the benefits of effective communication, with more than half of businesses now incorporating live videos into their corporate communication strategy.

Integrating your marketing efforts with live streaming can amplify your reach to your key audience and in our ever-increasing digital society, customers expect brands to have an active online presence to ensure professionals have multiple opportunities to engage with their chosen brand. Live streaming creates the opportunity for organisations to offer participants an immersive experience whilst providing them with instant access to information.

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Customer confidence

Live streaming and on-demand webinars hold the power to expand the reach of brands on a global scale and offer an uncapped viewing experience when it comes to launching a new product or service. New customers also expect these opportunities to be available across multiple tools and platforms, enabling organisations to create a simple and efficient omnichannel marketing strategy.

With around 69% of users  preferring to watch a video over reading a blog, the demand for original video content is met with more than half of businesses reporting that they stream a live video at least once a week. With the instant access to information that on-demand videos and live streaming provides, customers  experience a boost in confidence in the brands they choose.

The immediacy and personalisation that live streaming offers allow customers to be part of the entire journey. With the live chat function, organisations receive immediate feedback on their product or service and brands can align their strategy accordingly. Experimenting with live content will assist brands to recognise what their customers like and dislike, as well as what they consider valuable.

The importance of analytics

From live streaming to on-demand webinars, it is essential to obtain insights into how these platforms are working. Analytics are crucial for showing marketing teams whether their efforts are functional and relatable to their targeted audience.

Analytics are a fundamental part of improving engagement. Keeping technical criteria top of mind is essential to ensure optimal engagement and consequently increase the viewing time of  streaming content. Knowing exactly where you lost viewers is also essential to establish whether the content is suitable and relatable.

Additionally, organisations can use data retrieved from real-time analytics to identify anomalies and user changes (such as a spike in demand for a product or service) as they occur. This insight provides brands with  live data  that can be used to take  action in a timely manner and seize an opportunity they might otherwise overlook, with 78% of marketing teams reporting that videos directly helped increase sales.

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The customer experience

It has become clear that organisations cannot afford to miss out on the endless possibilities that video has to offer. However, in a world where more significance is being placed on identity, transparency, and authenticity, the need to personalise video content has come to the fore.

Professionals want the reassurance that the content they’re consuming comes from a trusted source, which is why brand identifiers should always be factored into the production of video content. There is a credibility aspect that cannot be ignored, so brands must prove that they are passionate, knowledgeable and relatable.

Furthermore, inclusive and relatable content aids to bring the viewer into the experience so that users are much more likely to share your content. This is especially true when it comes to social media, with 76% of users reporting that they would share a branded video with their followers if it was entertaining.

Interesting content also evokes a strong sense of enjoyment, engagement and relevance, ensuring it holds the viewers’ attention and keeps them coming back. These videos enhance the customer experience, ensuring that brands are less likely to bore  viewers and add value to conversations.

A top marketing technique

With the heightened emphasis generated on personal data and the safety it requires, organisations also need to ensure their viewers that the live stream platform is secure – whilst still being accessible. Since technology is constantly evolving, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But through some simple proactive steps and using a secure streaming platform, organisations can protect themselves and their viewers from cyber risks.

Trends come and go, but the use of video isn’t going anywhere. Live streaming is not only  straightforward to implement, but it also builds authority, engagement and authenticity for marketing professionals to work with. It is no question that live streaming is one of the top digital marketing techniques to communicate directly with customers as 93% of marketing professionals state that it’s a vital part of their strategy.

With live streaming as part of your marketing strategy, you can easily connect and directly engage with current and future professionals, building important and lasting relationships that boost customer loyalty. It aids organisations to ensure that their brand is authentic, reliable, and relatable and has the potential to be one of the best strategies you’ve ever implemented and it’s only going to get better.

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