How Contextual Blocking Tactics Can Ensure Brand Safety at the Page Level

RhythmOne Releases “Programmatic Insights Report – Spotlight on Quality” Global Update for October-December 2017

Calendar Q4 2017 Report Highlights Quality Trends and Best Practices Based on Data from RhythmOne’s Programmatic Platform

Global advertising technology company, RhythmOne has announced the release of the Q4 2017 installment of its “Programmatic Insights Report – Spotlight on Quality” series. In the report, RhytmOne suggests that enabling contextual blocking tactics that go “beyond the URL” ensures brand safety at the page level.

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Report Highlights Quality Traffic and Brand Safety Are Top-Of-Mind for Advertisers

Based on an analysis of the 2.8 trillion average monthly ad opportunities RhythmOne’s programmatic platform processed from October to December 2017, the report provides insight into quality trends and invalid traffic (IVT) blocking rates by device, type, and ad size. This is the series’ first global update; included within are breakouts for North America (the US and Canada), the UK, and Europe.

James Murphy
James Murphy

At the time of this announcement, James Murphy, VP, Programmatic at RhythmOne, said, “Quality traffic and brand safety are top-of-mind for advertisers.”

James added, “Our latest quarterly Programmatic Insights Report provides clarity into how and where we’re addressing inventory quality within our marketplace. The quarterly series reaffirms our commitment to transparency within the supply chain. I’m especially excited that we have expanded our report to include global data that will empower our partners worldwide with trends to better understand the dynamics of delivering quality supply.”

Leveraging RhythmGuard, RhythmOne’s proprietary brand safety technology that filters underperforming or suspicious traffic before it reaches the marketplace, the report provides a unique perspective about where and why quality shifts are occurring across its significant supply footprint, and offers guidance to advertisers and brands when designing their advertising programs and measuring success.

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Summary of Q4 2017 Findings and Insights

  • Across the globe by type, RhythmOne’s average blocking rate for video advertising slightly edged out banner advertising (49% vs. 45%)
  • Inventory of the desktop devices (56% of overall ad opportunities) was blocked at a higher rate than mobile devices (38%)
  • IVT blocking on the mobile web (56%) and mobile app (27%) showed some month-to-month fluctuation
  • The blocking rates by respective advertisement size, for both banners and video, was consistent from month to month (with minor fluctuations) among North America, the UK, and Europe
  • Running campaigns in Private Marketplaces promotes a high-quality and transparent environment with greater control over placement

Currently, RhythmOne drives engagement between advertisers and targeted audiences – resulting in real, measurable business outcomes. We offer fully integrated, cross-screen solutions that span desktop, mobile, and connected TV (“CTV”) across high-impact video, rich media, display, social, and native advertising formats – ensuring advertisers reach high-propensity audiences wherever and however they consume content.

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