Tremor Video DSP Expands Leadership Team to Drive Growth

Tremor Video Dsp Ceo Lauren Wiener Spoke To Martech Series About The Objectives Of Expanding Leadership Team To Reach New Customer Base

Tremor Video DSP, a Taptica Company, announced changes to its executive team. The company announced three key promotions—

  • Anthony Flaccavento has been promoted to Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for the overall revenue achievement and sales process for all of Tremor Video DSP. Flaccavento has been a member of the team since joining in 2011 and most recently he served as Senior Vice President, Sales, running the CPG and retail verticals.
  • Abbey Thomas is Tremor Video DSP’s new Chief Marketing Officer, based out of Los Angeles. Thomas brings her 10 years of experience at Tremor to this new role, including establishing the entertainment vertical, and will continue to help the company grow its business and revenue. Thomas previously served as Senior Vice President, Sales, in charge of the auto and entertainment verticals.
  • Jay Baum has been promoted to Head of Global Partnerships to oversee all partnership channels including supply and data partnerships. In this role, Baum will work closely to craft ongoing agency business deals, renegotiate data partnerships and drive supply revenues. Baum previously served as Senior Vice President, Agency Partnerships.

New Leadership is a Mix of Talent, Experience and Achievement

Lauren Wiener
Lauren Wiener, CEO, Tremor Video DSP

We spoke to Lauren Wiener, CEO, Tremor Video DSP, about how the company planned the latest round of executive promotions.

Lauren said, “As a customer centric company, we started our strategic process with planning for how to best serve global advertisers who need to reach and engage consumers who are rapidly migrating from watching live TV on linear devices to watching video on their own time across portable devices and smart TVs.We understand how capturing consumer attention across screens requires a high level of innovation in data targeting and measurement and also requires deep understanding of customer needs to create customized solutions for a range of verticals. “

Lauren mentioned how Tremor Video DSP identified the leadership qualities and personalities to fill their executive roles. She said, “We profiled the type of leaders and cross functional expertise we need to serve these customers, first looking internally to our best in class talent to build our executive team which made our choice evident. Collectively, we put together a highly innovative team with backgrounds from agencies, TV companies and ad tech along with a demonstrated track record driving revenue and unique partnerships, and deep relationships with Tremor Video DSP’s customers.”

Programmatic Rush and Challenges Galore: Tremor Video’s Roadmap

Despite the programmatic rush, brands are yet to fully achieve true ROI from their video inventories. Lauren explained the recurrent challenges facing the industry,, “Consumers are watching hours of video per day via digital sources but there are several challenges in capturing and measuring their aggregate attention in this fragmented landscape, the number one challenge being standardized measurement across all screens.”

Supported by numbers, Lauren took us deeper into the changing landscape of TVs and connected TVs around digital video consumption.”

Lauren identified –

  • 82 million households have connected TVs and CTV accounts for 20% of digital video usage. While CTV has both very high viewability and completion rates, Nielson’s reporting for CTV still has some limitations in terms of audience validation for reach and performance due to data inconsistency across devices and apps
  • As an industry we are looking to advanced technology to solve the measurement issue via cross device graphs that link device identifiers from CTV to other devices.  In addition to improving measuring this will also allow for more granularities in targeting.

Tremor Video 2020: Views on the Chief Digital Officer

Intrigued to know how the Tremor Video DSP team would like in 2020, we asked Lauren if the company is planning to hire a Chief Digital Officer!

Lauren replied—“We are embarking on our next chapter today as a leading global video and mobile DSP with a deep and diversified data bank and data tech capabilities as our core differentiators. We expect the leadership team to look very similar by the end of 2018 as it will at the end of 2020. As a digital centric company, digital DNA is at the core of all 200 employee’s roles, not held within one position solely. With digital overtaking television in spend, I believe, the practice of having digital as a siloed expertise will be extinct by 2020.”

Lauren added, “This is an important time for Tremor Video DSP, after an exciting few months with the announcement of the acquisition by Taptica. With this new leadership team in place, we are accelerating our global strategy and our laser focus on serving the largest TV advertisers seeking to reach and engage consumers across all video screens through innovation in data and technology.”

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