TechBytes with Roy Rosenfeld, VP Product Management, DoubleVerify

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Tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle at DoubleVerify.

I am the SVP of Measurement Products and GM of our Israeli R&D center. I lead a team of over 20 product managers and analysts working on measurement solutions in the areas of Fraud, Brand Safety, and Viewability/Engagement, which are used by DoubleVerify clients and partners to authenticate the value of media. I also oversee our Fraud Lab, which is dedicated to identifying new types of fraud in the ecosystem — across buying platforms and devices.

How much has the Marketing Measurement technology evolved in the last two years?

As digital continues to win ad dollars and as marketers demand data-driven insights to fuel decision-making, the pressure is on for the marketing measurement space to deliver solutions that bring marketers clarity. Over the last two years, DV has delivered measurement solutions for fraud/brand safety/viewability across buying platforms, devices and formats from Authentic Brand Safety targeting that  simplifies the process of aligning pre- and post-bid settings to dedicated solutions for measuring marketing quality within social environments to cutting-edge solutions for emerging media environments such as CTV/OTT.

What is the most contemporary definition of Brand Safety?

In general, we agree with the TAG definition of Brand Safety. The term “Brand Safety” describes the controls that companies in the digital advertising supply chain employ to protect brands against negative impact to the brand’s consumer reputation associated with specific types of content and/or related loss of return on investment.

Could you tell us more about DV Authentic Brand Safety targeting and DV Authentic Impressions.

Authentic Brand Safety targeting allows advertisers to create a centralized set of brand safety controls and automatically deploy these controls across multiple programmatic buying platforms and campaigns — all with a single segment ID. Authentic Brand Safety targeting perfectly aligns pre-bid targeting with post-bid measurement and blocking, facilitating streamlined operations, increased efficiency and seamless protection — ultimately, driving campaign performance and ROI.

The DV Authentic Impression® is a proprietary, MRC-accredited metric that assures both media quality and media effectiveness. To be counted as authentic, an impression must satisfy all of the following criteria: 1) fully viewed; 2) by a human; 3) in a brand safe environment; and 4) within the correct geography. DV is the only company accredited to measure and de-duplicate impression quality in this manner – enabling brands to use the Authentic Impression® count as its defining, holistic KPI for campaign effectiveness.

How do you leverage your expertise in In-App Programmatic technologies at DV to strengthen brand safety benchmarks?

As our products and solutions are widely adopted, we have access to a tremendous amount of data from auctions and impressions where we authenticate media. This wealth of information allows DV to develop unique Machine Learning that can identify and classify content on and within apps at a very precise level. It also enables us to identify emerging threats to brand safety and quickly add protection for our clients in case of breaking news events etc.

How can advertisers apply unified brand safety parameters across digital advertising using DV’s expanded solutions?

Through centralized settings and management, advertisers can ensure brand safety settings are consistent across buying platforms, devices, formats, regions and campaigns.

What makes DoubleVerify different from other data measurement and analytics companies?

Superior Coverage – DoubleVerify is continuously extending our coverage to ensure consistent media quality across all digital environments. In mobile, DV is one of the few full-suite MRC-accredited solutions to detect and block sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) for mobile app video and display advertising. Across social, DV is the only company with a certified brand safety solution on both Facebook and YouTube. DV is already in market with fraud-detection solutions, and will continue to deepen this coverage throughout the year.

Centralized Control – DV Pinnacle®, our full-service, insights and analytics platform, enables advertisers to manage uniform quality parameters across a diverse media portfolio and leverage meaningful data to optimize campaign performance.

Continuous Innovation – DV’s dynamic product roadmap is focused on providing transparency across the entire digital ecosystem, as advertisers continually seek better measures of the business impact resulting from their digital investment.

How do you leverage Big Data and Customer Data Analytics to ensure higher effectiveness in programmatic buying?

DV’s deep integrations with the largest supply and demand side platforms enable the Authentic Impression® to be a unifying metric across disparate data sources. Importantly, the Authentic Impression can be used to ensure data integrity across your full marketing stack, including media mix modeling, attribution, DMP and other data partners.

Thank you for participating in the TechBytes Series.

Roy Rosenfeld is VP, Product Management and Head of DoubleVerify’s Fraud Lab, which, through a combination of machine algorithms and manual processes, continuously analyzes trends in fraud across devices.


DoubleVerify is the leading independent provider of marketing measurement software, data and analytics that authenticates the quality and effectiveness of digital media for the world’s largest brands and media platforms. DV provides media transparency and accountability to deliver the highest level of impression quality for maximum advertising performance. Since 2008, DV has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies gain the most from their media spend by delivering best in class solutions across the digital ecosystem, helping to build a better industry.

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