Acrolinx’s Pioneering State of Inclusivity Reports Reveal How Major Industries Use Inclusive Language in Web Content

95 percent of companies have inclusive language issues in their website content, with all companies analyzed having at least 100 clarity issues

Inclusive language has become a priority (and often executive sponsored) initiative for many leading enterprises, but there’s little data to show the inclusive and clear nature of their public-facing content. Acrolinx is pioneering work into the state of inclusivity at large organizations highlights major findings: 95 percent of companies analyzed have inclusive language issues on their websites, while 100 percent have over 100 clarity issues, with 89 percent having over 1000 issues.

Acrolinx used its Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing-powered platform to analyze the website content of the leading and largest revenue-generating enterprises across four industries. Each report breaks down which aspects of inclusive language are the most challenging for global companies and offers examples of existing issues. Interestingly, the technology industry has the lowest average number of inclusive language issues (with financial services having the highest). This trend is echoed in the analysis of content clarity across all four industries, with technology companies having fewer clarity issues in comparison to other sectors.

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Inclusive language and clarity are critical components of website content. Inclusive content reflects the breadth of individual human expression, and celebrates differences while promoting greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. Clear content saves money, increases efficiency, and makes the translation process clearer and easier because the quality of source content is much higher. Access the free reports for technology, pharmaceutical and medical device, manufacturing, and financial services to learn more.

Acrolinx is an AI-powered software platform that improves the quality and effectiveness of enterprise content. Acrolinx helps some of the world’s most valuable brands meet complex content challenges at immense scale — across writers, languages, and cultures. Acrolinx delivers a unified and inclusive content experience across all digital touchpoints, all while avoiding editorial bottlenecks, quality issues, budget overruns, and compliance risk.

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