Anyword Launches Free Plan, Providing Data-Driven Copywriting for Anyone

Anyword’s data-driven, artificial intelligence copywriting software can be used anywhere and by anyone – regardless of channel, audience, or purpose.

In a recent Forbes article, 14 marketing and communications leaders named artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting as a major industry trend for 2022. Anyword, a data-driven AI copywriting platform that optimizes text for a specific target audience, announces a change to its plan structure, including a new free plan that offers access to the company’s AI script generator tools and other select features at no cost. The company prides itself on its AI’s data-driven copywriting capabilities and is giving anyone access to its power.

Anyword uses AI and natural language processing trained on vast datasets to create marketing copy and generate Predictive Performance scores that rank text for its potential marketing effectiveness.

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The new free plan is a way for users to have access to Predictive Performance metrics and all of Anyword’s general-use copywriting features.

  • Data-Driven Advertising Copy – Anyword’s generator tool creates engaging text that connects cross-channel ad projects, such as Facebook, Google, Outbrain, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, as well as emails, landing pages, and product listings.
  • Predictive Performance Scores – Anyword analyzes copy and generates “grades” that determine how well copy will perform before it goes live. Also accessible is the Score Panel, which offers exclusive audience insights for each copy variation.
  • Custom Templates – Anyword’s templates focus on certain aspects of a product, such as its features or benefits; provide built-in copywriting frameworks like AIDA and PAS; and adopt specific tones of voice, such as “hard sell.” Users can also leverage Power Mode to completely customize Anyword to a specific writing style.

“Anyword harnesses the power of immense data sets and predictive analytics to help marketers create copy that connects,” said Yaniv Makover, co-founder and CEO of Anyword.

Anyword uses AI and natural language processing to create an intuitive scoring system that creates and ranks text for its potential marketing effectiveness. This allows marketers to create optimal campaigns while avoiding costly and time-consuming A/B tests. It also makes copywriting more efficient, so writers can more quickly develop formulaic writing for narrow target audiences, freeing them for more strategic work.

“Anyword doesn’t replace copywriters,” Makover said. “It enhances their work and increases efficiency, allowing them more time to do what they do best – be creative.”

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