Launches a new AI that Understands all Documents

Real-time Document Processing and Data Extraction Company Launches its Pioneering Product, an innovative New York startup launches its cloud-based AI technology to offer real-time document processing and data extraction. The revolutionary technology recognizes any type of document and it instantly extracts the text, data, tables, faces, and signatures.

The AI can handle rotated images, multi-page PDFs, and complex forms it has never seen before. “All documents are essentially a form,” says the Company’s CEO Ozan Eren Bilgen, “By translating documents into key-value pairs, we enable automation for all document types.”

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99% of documents are still processed manually due to the limitations in current solutions that require custom-built machine learning models and architectures optimized for specific document types. However, there will never be an end to the kind of documents that flow through an office. Forms, IDs, invoices, contracts; all need hands-on attention. While some ID or invoice-specific solutions have recently entered the market, big tech does not offer solutions for custom documents and international needs. With’s new no-template AI that understands every document, all of that is changing.

“You wouldn’t hire an assistant separately for invoices, receipts, forms, and letters,” says the company’s CEO Ozan Eren Bilgen, “you would expect one person to handle all of your paperwork. So, we built that capable robot.”

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Machine learning is also costly to implement due to the sophisticated engineering required. While any company would benefit from machine learning, almost all lack machine learning engineers specialized in document processing, keeping this rapidly evolving technology out of reach for many large and small companies alike.’s no-code integrations make the recent innovations in deep learning available to everyone who needs document processing automation.

“ enables all operation managers and software engineers to build real-time document processing solutions with just a few clicks,” says the company’s CEO, “It is as if you have an all-star team of machine learning researchers.”

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