MarTech Interview with Matt Pantana, SVP of Product at Unanet AE

Matt Pantana, SVP of Product at Unanet AE chats about the evolving DAM marketplace and how CRMs can drive marketing efforts in this quick catch-up with MarTech Series:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat Matt, tell us more about the Unanet platform and what main challenges does it help solve?

Unanet is a single-source of truth that allows various departments of a business to work together efficiently. We have a project-based ERP and CRM platform that enables companies to turn their information into actionable insights, drive better decision-making, and accelerate business growth. Additionally, we have Unanet Connect, which is the industry’s first and only open network of more than 100+ pre-built connectors with such leaders as Paylocity, ADP, Oracle, and now OpenAsset. 

We’d love to hear about some of the latest add-ons/features and integrations and how that benefits end users?

Unanet Connect is unique and no other ERP or CRM provider has an open network with this breadth and depth of connectors. Our latest integration with OpenAsset provides our customers, including marketers, with their industry-leading automated digital asset management tools that vastly improve their marketing and business development processes. It’s a game changer for preparing proposals and coordinating presentations across teams, especially as companies continue to be in hybrid mode or remote. We’ve also released enhanced dashboards, new mobile capabilities, and smarter project management and billing functions with new invoicing tools, online payment facilitation, analytics, and subcontractor management solutions. 

How are you seeing CRMs and ERPs and related technologies drive marketing and other customer facing efficiencies?

More businesses are turning their attention to CRM as the ‘business development experience’ is changing rapidly. Particularly in businesses like architecture and engineering, where much of the work is in the field, technologies that work remotely but also streamline the entire lifecycle management of marketing and sales are critical.  Our CRM team recently launched a new mobile app for iOS and Android so businesses can seamlessly integrate contact and opportunity management with Outlook email – so they are able to maintain their pipeline straight from their inbox. These are the technologies that drive marketing and customer-facing efficiencies.

Tell us your thoughts on the future of Digital Asset Management and why in your view marketers will need better optimization/understanding here?

In the industries that we work with frequently including architecture, engineering and construction, digital imagery is a requirement. Firms must have a way to manage their media digitally. Whether it’s imagery of a completed project, precise blueprints and map, or just detailed work-orders, businesses need access to digital assets wherever, whenever. 

A digital asset management tool like OpenAsset, coupled with project-based ERP like Unanet, make it easy for users to find what they need and use it in their project-flow. With materials seamlessly synced, workflows are improved, and project data consistency is guaranteed. Portfolios are continually updated to ensure all teams are working from the latest marketing assets, across each department, and quicker asset management for presentations and proposals is possible with uncomplicated organization and search tools. 

A few thoughts on the future of B2B martech and what’s in store for the industry?

Better collaboration and integration across marketing systems and other key business functions such as accounting, sales, and project management will continue to be critical for companies in hybrid and remote work environments. Businesses must have immediate, reliable access to past and present project information throughout a project’s lifecycle. 

Some last thoughts and marketing / martech takeaways before we wrap up? 

We are committed to bringing more solutions to marketers and project-based businesses this year and looking ahead to 2022. Automation and integration will continue to be priorities for us in the coming months because we hear from our customers that they need the most modern tools available to streamline their business processes. Our partnership with customers is of the utmost importance to us and leads our innovation.

Unanet A/E, powered by Clearview, is purpose-built ERP for architecture and engineering firms and offers a powerful combination of Project Management, Business Intelligence, Time and Expense Tracking, Financials, Integrations, and CRM tools in one single source to run your business more effectively.

Matt Pantana is senior vice president of A/E products at Unanet. He previously served as CEO of Clearview Software before the company was acquired by Unanet, playing a crucial role in building and developing both the Clearview company and product from the ground up. Pantana has 20 years of technology and software experience and more than 14 years of architecture, engineering and construction experience.

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