Consumers Expect AI to Deliver More Transparency, Privacy, and Human-like Touch

The Pegasystems’ Report Provides A Roadmap For Businesses To Improve Ai-Powered Customer Experiences

A new global study released by Pegasystems Inc., , has revealed that consumers are open to embracing the promise of AI-powered customer experiences but also seek a human touch in these interactions The report has also emphasized the need for more transparency and data privacy in these engagements.

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Activate Insights, Unlock Data with AI

The report surveyed consumers across the US, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Australia.

consumersAccording to the survey of 6,000 consumers across six countries, nearly 70 percent of respondents are open to AI solutions assisting them in their daily life – for example, to save them time or money – and nearly 40 percent expect AI to improve customer service in the future.

Despite this potential, current AI experiences are falling short of consumers’ expectations, presenting an opportunity for companies to set themselves apart. More consumers (38 percent) said they did not’t think AI delivers the same or better service than humans can today.

Customers today expect companies to either “just get it” or get lost. The new normal for consumers is being able to do business on their terms, with companies that have products that are easy to discover, easy to use, and are personalized and relevant to them. – Pegasystems Survey

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The survey identified three core areas that businesses need to address to help make AI a customer experience differentiator:

Bringing a more human-like touch

The study revealed a significant preference for human interaction over AI-powered experiences for customer servicemaking it imperative for businesses to better humanize their AI or supplement it with live agents. The most popular method to get help remains calling a human service agent (45 percent) – beating online chat (20 percent), social media (3 percent), or going into a store (15 percent).

When consumers do turn to online channels, an overwhelming majority (nearly 80 percent) want to chat with a real person, not with a machine. This sentiment was shared across all age groups, even with younger or digital native respondents.

Increasing transparency

An overwhelming 88 percent of consumers demand businesses be transparent about how and when they deploy automated bots. To earn increased trust, businesses will need to be more open about where AI is currently being used while also showcasing how it improves the customer experience.

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 Ensuring data privacy

While a majority of consumers said they are open to using AI, only 27 percent are willing to give over their personal data to get better customer service. This presents a significant obstacle for organizations that need a steady stream of data to continuously learn and improve their AI systems. Businesses must continue to find ways to ensure data privacy to help customers be more comfortable with sharing information so they can experience the value of AI.

The survey also uncovered which industries the consumers trust most using AI to interact with them. Retail topped the list with 34 percent of respondents saying they feel comfortable using AI in online retail situations for personalized product recommendations.

Fear Not the Machines

AI does not replace your employees – it simply makes them better at what you’ve hired them to do. It gives them an all “superpowers” to transform how they work – and how the work gets done.” – Pegasystems

Twenty-seven percent are open to a doctor using AI to help make a better diagnosis or recommendation about their health treatment – surprisingly the second most popular scenario. Consumers were least likely to trust the government, with only 10 percent open to it using AI.

AI is the future of customer experience

Don Schuerman, CTO and VP of product marketing, Pegasystems, said, “AI is the future of customer experience but it is currently at a crossroads. Companies need to ensure their AI strategy is not treated as a novelty but rather is leveraged to dramatically change the way they engage with their customers at every touchpoint. As this study suggests, the promise of AI is there for the taking, but it’s now up to businesses to seize the moment.”

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