Time for New AI to Digitally Transform the Metaverse to Protect Users Says Guildhawk Director

My Guildhawk Voice avatar was in Jersey last week speaking at the School of International Financial Services (SIFS) 2021 Economic Crime & Compliance Symposium, communicating in English and Spanish. Why was he there, and equally, why did I escape Zoomland and travel to be at this physical event?

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Demonstrating the power of the latest multilingual Artificial Intelligence technologies was one reason. AI like this can digitally transform (DX) a company and keep people safe by making sure vital messages are understood by millions of people in over 50 languages rather than only being heard by those who speak English. Guildhawk’s multilingual avatars are just one of the features in the new, immersive world of physical and virtual interactions known as the Metaverse – and it’s going to change your life.

International corporate firms spend huge sums of money on policies and wizzy e-learning packages as part of their Reasonable Prevention Procedures regime. These are to protect them and their people from allegations of wrongdoing. However, many firms are at risk of falling foul of the law. Telling staff in English how they can stop the company inadvertently downloading ransomware, getting into bed with money launders or being prosecuted by HMRC for the criminal offence of failing to prevent tax evasion, is a risk in itself if the person being trained doesn’t speak English well.

Helen Hatton, the charismatic Director of SIFS knows a thing or two about keeping nations and businesses safe, and is widely recognized as the prime architect of the modern Jersey regulatory regime. She invited me to attend the symposium on behalf of the Fraud Advisory Panel charity and tell delegates in person about the types of fraud we have seen. My avatar gave a snapshot of the many activities our COVID-19 Fraud Watch and team at the charity has done during the pandemic. Friends say my avatar is far better to listen to than the real me.

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Harsh as this seems, they have a point!

It is exciting to see new developments that will make Guildhawk Voice avatars even more immersive and able to interact with humans to keep people safe on construction sites, in the office, home, out at sea or up in space for that matter. These disruptive innovations are possible because of two things – brilliant people writing beautiful code, and AI that is trained and uses an ultra-pure multilingual data lake that we have created over the past 8 years.

When these new products arrive, people will find they can easily live and operate easily between the real and virtual worlds in the Metaverse. In this space you may choose to be yourself in a Microsoft Teams meeting or decide to be seen as a cartoon character, whatever is considered appropriate.

For the SIFS, it was appropriate to be there in person and that provided a great opportunity to finally meet various experts and listen to them in the physical world. I was very interested to meet HMRC Directors Simon York CBE and Samuel Dean who spoke about fraud investigations, the criminal offence of failing to prevent and powers it gives their investigators. They stressed this is not tax legislation – it’s to deal with conduct that facilitates deliberate, dishonest behaviour.

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