Inuvo’s Artificial Intelligence Technology, IntentKey, Increases Intent to Visit Destinations By as Much as 81%

Inuvo Was Able to Leverage the Intentkey for Streetsense on Behalf of a Historic Coastal Region’s Tourism Program

Inuvo Inc., a leading provider of artificial intelligence for advertising that serves partners, brands and agencies, announced how its IntentKey technology has increased the consumer’s intent to visit an Inuvo client’s destination by 81%.

Inuvo’s IntentKey is a patented, contextually-based, machine-learning technology created to mirror the manner in which the human brain can instantly associate ideas, emotions, places, people, and objects. This prospecting engine enabled Inuvo’s client, Streetsense, to reach consumers at the top of the consideration funnel, as they were planning their vacations.

When we think coastal vacation, we instantly associate concepts such as lodging/resorts, family vacations, sightseeing, lifeguards, fishing, dining and more. For humans, these are natural associations between concepts, learned through the consumption of information over time. Yet typical advertising targeting methods had been unable to make these kinds of connections to target the right audiences on the right web pages with the right message until now, with the IntentKey.

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The IntentKey was trained by 4 billion pages of content where it learned through a trillion examples the relative importance of how 25 million concepts relate to each other. The advertising power from this Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be overstated. For example, Inuvo was able to leverage the IntentKey for Streetsense on behalf of a historic coastal region’s tourism program to find precise concepts that put the advertisement in front of consumers as they were researching vacation options. In fact, Inuvo increased intent to visit more than three times the average score for tourism campaigns as measured by Nielson’s Normative Scores.

Jennifer Jasper, Senior Account Director at Streetsense, said, “I always look forward to being able to incorporate Inuvo technology into my Marketing Outreach Plan as it not only helps intercept visitors at the top of the funnel, but its patented technology allows us to identify, target and intercept those prospects in a completely different way. When paired with rich media ad units and the proper research, we have seen intent to visit a destination increase by as much as 81%. Who wouldn’t love those results?”

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