Lumeo Announces Partnership with IMMIX

Lumeo Platform can now send event or analytic rule triggers to Immix Central Station platform, leveraging the power of video data to improve security.

Lumeo, a designer of computer vision solutions, announces a partnership with Immix, a leading developer of software that manages and responds to security events with an intuitive, easy-to-use security integration platform. The latest release of the Lumeo Platform can send any event or analytic rule trigger to the Immix Central Station platform, leveraging the power of video data to improve security and business processes.

The Lumeo integration offers an advanced AI layer that reviews all events and triggers and applies flexible rules prior to transmission to the Immix central station. This AI layer reduces false alarms and reduces operator workload.

“We saw the partnership with Immix as an easy one since our missions are so similar,” said Devarshi Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Lumeo. “Immix integrates with the top security products and systems. Whether it’s protecting facilities, assets, and people, Lumeo and Immix provide a common platform that connect different systems while running cutting-edge AI analytics.”

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:Lumeo offers a complete turnkey AI solution that is ready to work out-of-the-box.”

— Devarshi Shah

The integration works by bringing customers’ video feeds into Lumeo, where an operator defines the custom AI analytics in minutes with Lumeo’s innovative drag-and-drop analytic builder. Operators can choose from hundreds of combinations of pre-built AI models & analytic rules such as people detection, vehicle classification, face and license plate recognition, social distance mapping, proximity detection – any of which can now trigger actions seamlessly within the Immix Platform. Once an analytic rule is triggered, Lumeo sends the trigger along with the video clips (with pre/post event video), snapshots, or live streams to Immix where an operator can take appropriate action.

This partnership unlocks a comprehensive central monitoring solution that brings together powerful video surveillance and access control systems of any size. Whether it’s a commercial central station, a security service organization, or a multinational business, the combination of Lumeo and Immix will improve security and harness video data to deliver actionable insights.

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“The integration of the Lumeo with the Immix Platform is just one example of how Lumeo collaborates with partners that enhance the scope and the sophistication of surveillance devices,” commented Shah. “We are pleased to offer a growing list of ready-to-use AI models as well as a platform that makes it easy to deploy custom AI analytics. Through our growing list of partners, Lumeo offers a complete turnkey AI solution that is ready to work out-of-the-box.”

“Immix is pleased to announce this relationship with Lumeo and add another advanced video solutions provider to our partner portfolio,” said Chris Brown, CEO of Immix. “Video analytics and AI providers are key to the sustained success of our customers and Lumeo provides a strong solution, giving Immix users yet another choice in technology that can dramatically improve their operational efficiency and create better security outcomes. We look forward to the potential growth that a joint partnership with Lumeo offers.”

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