This MarTech Startup Is Leveraging Blockchain and AI to Predict Marketing Strategies

Many brands have been using AI and machine learning to boost the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies. But the fierce competition for consumers’ attention and money is forcing brands to consistently run successful marketing campaigns. Singapore-based marketing technology company Ojamu is helping brands do just that by combining AI with blockchain and NFTs.

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World’s leading brands such as McDonald’s, Nestle, and Unilever are also using blockchain technology to improve ROI while boosting speed and efficiency to their digital marketing campaigns.

Ojamu is empowering brands using AI-driven insights and cutting-edge automated solutions based on blockchain technology. 

Its AI algorithms are trained to connect with the NFTs. The NFTs grant brands access to an industry vertical’s key data as well as cross-correlated data points to discover the previously unknown data clusters that could prove useful in your digital marketing campaigns.

Notably, Ojamu is not the only company leveraging NFTs to provide real-world value beyond digital art. Footwear giant Nike has patented sneakers as NFTs and calls them CryptoKicks. The NFTs allow users to “breed” different shoes to create custom sneakers. And Nike could manufacture those sneakers in the real world.

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The Ojamu AI algorithms collect hundreds of millions of data points in the target industries for brands and marketing agency clients. The data is fed into the Neural Predictive Engine and the Intelligent Platform to assist in AI-based campaign recommendations.

It gives brands an easy-to-follow roadmap to implement the digital marketing strategies with the highest ROI potential. 

Consumer data is one of the most important things marketers have access to. If it isn’t handled carefully, frauds, mismanagement, and privacy leaks could wreak havoc. With Ojamu, decentralized storage platforms fragment users’ data and distribute them across multiple nodes on the network to protect data. 

Wrapping it up

Given the pace at which blockchain is disrupting marketing and advertising, brands will have to embrace the change rapidly to avoid being left behind by agile startups. Marketing technology platforms like Ojamu are helping brands stay ahead of rivals in digital marketing.

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