Observe.AI Launches Auto QA, the Industry’s First Adaptive Automation for Boosting Agent Performance in Contact Centers

Auto QA accelerates quality assurance and coaching workflows for faster business-improving impact at scale

Observe.AI, an Intelligent Workforce Platform that transforms contact centers through AI, today announced the launch of Auto QA – the first adaptive automation solution that boosts agent performance to drive faster impact on customer experience and revenue generation.

Auto QA accelerates the QA lifecycle for contact centers, increasing the speed and scale at which teams extract valuable insights to improve agent performance. By offering unprecedented granularity of control, Auto QA allows teams to tailor automation to business needs and increase the volume of coaching insights by up to 1,000X.

Unlike other solutions that use rigid, hard-coded automation logic, Auto QA offers maximum flexibility on a sliding scale of human agency. This allows contact centers to test, tune, and validate machine-driven results, and achieve the optimal balance of human efficacy and AI-powered efficiency. Human talent is kept in-the-loop precisely for strategic areas where they can make the greatest impact, instead of wasting time and effort on tedious manual tasks.

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“As part of our mission to create purpose-built, business-centric AI for contact centers, we believe in a collaborative symbiosis between human and machine intelligence”

Furthermore, Observe.AI’s “glass box” AI model enables contact centers to operate with complete data transparency and develop a culture of trust.

“As part of our mission to create purpose-built, business-centric AI for contact centers, we believe in a collaborative symbiosis between human and machine intelligence,” said Swapnil Jain, Co-Founder and CEO of Observe.AI.

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“Auto QA is human-informed automation at its best, empowering contact center employees to lead on creativity and strategic thinking while tasking AI with efficiency and scale. While other vendors have attempted this, Observe.AI is introducing new levels of fine-tuning for QA automation. The result is a comprehensive, consistent approach to quality assurance and agent coaching that delivers tremendous business value.”

Observe.AI’s platform leads in transcription accuracy for richer conversation intelligence and has processed nearly one billion minutes of customer interactions in the last year alone. The company’s innovations in contact center AI are fueled by its best-in-class engineering talent, who possess decades of collective expertise in areas like machine and deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and other advanced speech technologies. Observe.AI’s engineering and data science headcount has doubled in the last 12 months, and will continue to grow thanks to the company’s recent $125 million Series C funding round.

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