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Passage.AI Partners With Edgewood Networks to Expand Into Key Vertical Markets

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Strategic Agreement Enables Edgewood Networks Customers In Various Industries to Quickly Deploy AI-Powered Chatbot Solution

 Passage.AI, a pioneer in AI/NLP-enabled conversational interfaces, announced a strategic partnership with Edgewood Networks, a leading network security and integration firm. Through this partnership, Edgewood Networks will leverage its relationships with leading companies in the telecom, government, travel and entertainment industries to now offer a AI-powered conversational interface solution. The agreement will also enable Passage.AI to accelerate its expansion within the US and Asia.

Ravi N. Raj
Ravi N. Raj

“Edgewood Networks has well-established and long-standing relationships with executives in key industries where chatbots can have a significant impact on improving business efficiencies and customer service experiences. Our patent-pending conversational AI platform complements Edgewood’sportfolio of products and provides a differentiated, quick-to-market solution that can generate new revenue while increasing client satisfaction. Passage.AI’s customers like Kohl’s, Udacity and Calgary Public Library have experienced tremendous success with our platform and we look forward to helping Edgewood’s telecom, government and travel and entertainment customers achieve success as well,” said Ravi N. Raj, CEO and founder of Passage.AI.

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Companies from all industries are evaluating how to improve their business operations through the use of AI technologies. With Passage.AI, companies can address a variety of internal and external use cases while slashing expenses by enabling anyone to create a highly versatile AI chatbot, without writing a line of code. As a result, organizations can automate routine and often mundane tasks and provide instantaneous responses to common questions, improving both employee and customer experience.

Vishal Verma
Vishal Verma

“We believe in the power of technology to transform organizations, boosting productivity and helping them to succeed in an increasingly competitive and challenging business world. Passage.AI represents a cutting-edge yet practical way for our customers to leverage the benefits of AI across their organization – from interactions with HR, to IT, to customer service and support. The power of the Passage.AI platform is evident once you see how quickly and easily anyone can get started and launch an intelligent bot. We are excited to integrate and introduce Passage.AI technology to our products and customers,” said Vishal Verma, CEO of Edgewood Networks.

Passage.AI has created a bot-building tool that utilizes AI and natural language processing technologies, requires no coding and can be deployed anywhere in as little as two weeks. Its sophisticated deep learning model enables Passage.AI bots to more readily understand a user, regardless of how they express themselves. Passage.AI understands natural language text and speech, creating an intelligent conversational interface capable of better identifying intents, extracting the most useful, pertinent and timely information, understanding and responding to queries and searching through vast amounts of data.

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