Snowflake Launches Media Data Cloud for Data Collaboration in Media and Advertising Ecosystem

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, today announced the launch of the Media Data Cloud, which unites Snowflake’s powerful data sharing technology; cutting-edge standards of privacy and governance; Snowflake- and partner-delivered solutions, and industry-specific datasets. The Media Data Cloud enables marketers, publishers and data and ad technology businesses to unlock their data for identity, insights, activation and measurement across the advertising ecosystem.

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“We strive to be first-to-market with innovation to better serve our client’s needs. Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud gives us the flexibility to build a proprietary infrastructure leveraging our own data assets and Audience Graph to create transformative products that map to our strategy.”

The media and advertising industry is undergoing significant changes, including viewership habits, rapidly changing industry standards, and increased scrutiny around data use and consumer privacy. Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud enables organizations to be successful in this new landscape by empowering them to easily access and collaborate on data without data ever leaving their Snowflake environment.

Leveraging the Media Data Cloud, marketers, publishers and ad tech customers are performing essential 1st party data matching, creating audience insights, activating and measuring campaigns, all while limiting the movement and copying of data. Traditionally, only large technology platforms enabled privacy sandboxes, but with data clean rooms enabled by Snowflake, any publisher, advertiser, agency, or ad technology organization can design their own privacy and collaborative data environment and leverage Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud for their own customizable solution.

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In addition, several companies highlighted below are building native applications on the Media Data Cloud so that functions can be performed across distributed data environments that are maintained by marketers, publishers and others. This approach, where applications can run wherever the data sits in Snowflake, can increase privacy and governance compliance.

Within the Media Data Cloud, Snowflake announced partner-delivered solutions covering all major areas of the advertising ecosystem. The solutions are designed to create frictionless data sharing and collaboration, embed native identity and machine learning, and support business solutions for audience insights, media planning, activation and measurement. Joint Solutions with Snowflake partners include:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Snowflake has had a long-standing relationship with AWS since the company’s beginning. Look for further announcements from Snowflake and AWS in this space in the coming year.
  • DataRobot – The AI Cloud leader delivers a unified view of the customer in the Media Data Cloud, unlocking real-time insights for marketers and frontline decision-makers to predict optimal channels and spend, advertising and media investments, and apply AI to more intelligent business processes.
  • Experian – The leading global information services company is launching a new embedded identity resolution framework on the Media Data Cloud so customers can connect digital and offline identifiers in real-time without moving or copying any of their data.
  • Habu – Habu delivers its suite of data clean room applications natively on the Media Data Cloud, to power audience insights, audience development and targeting.
  • LTI – LTI has developed several privacy solutions that can operate within Snowflake and improve compliance by automating the process of flagging and identifying any privacy related data. Once identified, Snowflake customers will have the ability to mask and protect their data assets dynamically as they are ingested into Snowflake.
  • Slalom – Slalom has created solutions for the cookieless ecosystem that enable marketers to generate insights from their first-party data, while staying compliant with privacy regulations and ensuring that data is never stale or out-of date.
  • The Trade Desk – With the power of Snowflake, advertisers and agencies now have the ability to generate Unified ID 2.0 identifiers, as well as activate data directly through The Trade Desk, the world’s leading independent demand-side platform.
  • VideoAmp – VideoAmp is a software and data company creating a more sophisticated data-driven advertising ecosystem that redefines how media is valued, bought and sold.

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