Soteria Intelligence Uses Deep Learning to Analyze Social Media for Business Intelligence

Soteria Intelligence Plans to Roll out More Business Intelligence Solutions in the near Future

Soteria Intelligence recently announced its research and development around using the company’s revolutionary social media analytics platform powered by deep learning to deliver valuable insights that drive business decisions. The focus of Soteria Intelligence’s R&D has been on first improving the quality of information gleaned from social networks then finding out of the box ways to integrate the data alongside other key client-specific metrics.

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For example, geotagged complaints on social media and how they relate to an internet service provider’s infrastructure, thus allowing them to take corrective measures. On the flip side, imagine a large retailer planning to stock up before the holiday shopping spree – understanding demand/conversations on social media can guide their purchasing. The possibilities are endless.

Soteria Intelligence plans to roll out more business intelligence solutions in the near future, including graphical user interfaces that use machine/deep learning to understand user behaviors and interests, allow them to take corrective measures when false positives/negatives occur, and ultimately make the platform more intelligent and effective over time. It’s a marriage between man and machine.

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Recently Soteria announced the release of new social media analytics tool: After being in stealth mode for the past six months while working on R&D focused on applying deep learning to social media analytics, Soteria Intelligence announced the release of powerful new tools for brand reputation management, customer service, and marketing as well as a new website that graphically represents the company’s vision of machine learning.

Soteria Intelligence is a technology company based in Los Angeles, California that provides social media analytics solutions powered by deep learning as well as custom integrations, consulting, and an upcoming ecosystem of interconnected machine learning products.

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