WowYow Expands AI and Visual Search Capabilities, Launches New Suite of Products Designed to Unlock the Full Value of Online Images

AI & Visual Search Technology Company Becomes Mission-Critical for Media Companies and Brands to Better Analyze, Categorize & Monetize Billions of Online Images  

WowYow Inc., a Visual AI solution for publishers and advertisers, has announced a new suite of products: Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Images. These innovative products offer publishers the ability to analyze, categorize and monetize billions of online images simply by adding one line of code to their site(s) and mobile apps.

Having previously honed this technology solution for video, WowYow has now applied its proprietary Visual AI feature-rich capabilities to images — offering a full-spectrum solution for media companies and advertisers.  WowYow’s AI analyzes every image on a page, creating additional metadata for each image. It then generates new ad inventory that instantly unlocks the image’s previously untapped searchability, marketability and profitability.

This new suite of offerings comes at a time of incredible growth for the global image recognition market which, according to Grand View Research, is expected to reach a value of $77.69 billion USD by 2025, reporting a 19.2% compound annual growth rate during the forecast period.

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“The growth of AI and its use cases in digital media is insurmountable, and this new product offering allows publishers to tap into this trend at scale,” says Jarett Boskovich, Co-Founder and CMO of WowYow. “Our AI technology has the ability to utilize images that are currently going unmonetized, ultimately generating significant additional revenue for media companies.”

“We’ve developed all of our products with the goal of making incremental ad revenue easily accessible to publishers of all sizes,” says Boskovich. “By deploying a single line of javascript, publishers can immediately begin to see their content generate additional value.”

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Fitting the content goals of the publisher with the campaign goals of the advertiser, WowYow’s AI for Images offering will enable advertisers to launch campaigns and deliver ads in five formats  – Visual Search, Call to Action Buttons, Banner Overlays, Video Overlays and Fully Immersive experiences – each with its own content and commercial purpose.

With AI & Visual Search tools that perform 500x better than existing monetization solutions, WowYow produces incredible results for its network of publishers and advertisers. From 2017 to 2018 WowYow grew its CTR from 6.7% to 8.5% and is on track to continue this growth in 2019.

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