Invoca Announces New Features to Visualize Conversation Data and Improve Sales Performance

Winter ’21 release includes new visual dashboards, Conversation Review, and integration with Five9 to further enhance the leading conversation intelligence platform

Invoca, the leader in conversation intelligence for revenue teams, announced the release of a new data visualization dashboard, Conversation Review call transcript interface, and a new partnership with leading contact center platform provider Five9 to enable revenue teams to get the most value from conversation intelligence.

These enhancements provide new ways that data from customer conversations can be visualized, analyzed, and automated to accelerate revenue and create better experiences for customers, whether they are interacting with companies digitally, human-to-human, or both.

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Invoca’s new dashboard enables you to:

  • Visualize real-time data at a glance in one clear, flexible view that allows revenue teams to see up-to-the-minute information, spot trends, and monitor marketing and sales performance.
  • Quickly take action on data that’s most important to your team with fully customizable and shareable tile-format reporting dashboards.
  • Meet the data needs of every team with the ability to create multiple dashboards such as media performance, sales performance by location, and call escalations.

Also included in the release is the new Conversation Review interface, which features interactive call transcripts that provide an easy and quick way to gain visibility into the buying journey, from common product questions to frequent customer experience issues. Conversation Review enables Invoca customers to:

  • Give quick feedback on conversations with full transcripts that are viewable immediately after calls conclude, even if the call is transferred outside of the contact center.
  • Drill down into individual conversations to view the transcript, call recording, and call details all in one place.
  • Find critical moments in a conversation, like an agent mentioning a promotion or a customer confirming they’re ready to buy with easily searchable transcripts.

“The call experience has become increasingly important to brands as they see more customers call with inquiries during the buying journey, but many sales and marketing teams lack visibility into these crucial interactions,” said Nathan Ziv, VP of product at Invoca. “Conversation Review offers revenue teams newfound visibility and the ability to quickly digest this information without listening to every call. It’s a huge time-saver and is conducive to increased collaboration between marketing and sales, especially now that so many people are working remotely.”

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Cloud Contact Center Provider Five9 Partners with Invoca

Invoca also announced a new partnership with leading cloud contact center provider Five9 that improves customer experiences by enabling agents to offer more personalized sales interactions and dynamic call routing that reduces friction in the buying journey. By integrating data from the digital experience — like specific product interest or buying intent — with Five9, businesses can immediately route calls to the best-equipped sales or support agent and inform the agents of the customer’s intent. This enables more efficient and personalized call handling, leading to improved customer experiences and close rates.

“With Five9 and Invoca, contact center agents can see what the customer has done online, empowering them to provide a more human, empathetic, and personalized experience,” said Walt Rossi, vice president of business development at Five9. “As more people seek human assistance after shopping online, getting this context is critical to efficiently provide the experience customers expect.”

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