New AI Tech Reshapes How Companies Listen to Customers

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Customer Experience Leaders Using Luminoso Can More Quickly Identify Hot Topics Otherwise Buried in Avalanches of Open-Ended Customer Feedback

Luminoso, the natural language company that provides AI-powered customer insight, is helping a growing list of customer experience professionals and data scientist teams to learn from the high volume of constantly arriving customer communications – like support tickets, open-ended survey responses, and product reviews – that would otherwise go unread.

“Global enterprises selling to consumers are buried in an avalanche of customer feedback, often in many languages,” said Dr Catherine Havasi, co-founder of Luminoso. “Customer experience teams often only look at samples of this information, because digesting all of their ‘Voice of the Customer’ feedback is prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. It would take a full-time employee, doing nothing but reading 50 documents an hour, about a year to process the 100,000 responses a day that our top clients receive. In the absence of automation, persistent issues and hot topics often go unaddressed.”

The Luminoso natural language platform understands and quantifies these high volumes of untapped customer feedback, so teams can identify hot topics, track trends, and focus on improving the customer experience where it matters most. Unlike other analytics technologies, which can’t handle unstructured customer feedback without months of expensive, hands-on tuning and massive data collection efforts, the Luminoso solution can understand this constantly arriving feedback within minutes, in any of the 13 languages it supports.

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Adoption of the Luminoso platform has reached all-time highs. In the last 12 months, Luminoso and its clients have analyzed over 100 million documents of customer feedback across 9,000 machine learning models, with each model automatically tailoring itself to its customers’ specific vocabulary. That’s the equivalent of 1000 years’ worth of full-time employees reading through those comments themselves.

“More and more customer experience professionals are using Luminoso to analyze their unstructured ‘dark data’ and help their service, sales, and marketing teams reduce churn rates and increase loyalty,” said Adam Carte, CEO of Luminoso. “Our clients continue to power our company’s growth through their desire to truly understand all of their customer feedback, rather than merely a small sample.”

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Luminoso’s artificial intelligence and “common sense” natural language technologies differ from similar technologies in six key areas:

  1. Built-in knowledge. Luminoso’s solution comes out of the box with 28 million facts to provide it with a common-sense understanding of the world. Other, “naïve” machine learning systems require massive data collection before achieving that knowledge.
  2. Time to value. Luminoso’s technology builds a nuanced understanding of a company’s customer’s language in minutes. Other technologies require months of expensive, manual work before machine learning can take place.
  3. Global language support. Because of its common sense understanding of underlying word meanings and concepts, Luminoso’s platform already works in 13 different languages. Other technologies must treat each language as a separate project, repeating the process of gathering data for each language to support.
  4. Incorporates new concepts quickly. With customer feedback arriving daily, Luminoso can rapidly digest new information for timely visibility of hot issues. Luminoso’s models will adapt on the fly to include a constantly evolving vocabulary.
  5. No human intervention. Luminoso’s platform has the common sense to learn automatically without supervision, eliminating the need for manual rule-based updates to maintain accuracy.
  6. Drill down to find insights and unexpected relationships. Companies using Luminoso’s solution can rapidly reframe their analyses and quickly update models with additional data. Other technologies limit analysts to topics chosen before building their models or querying the data.

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