B2B Marketers Use AI to Move Beyond the Google/Facebook Duopoly as Research from Marketing Platform InfiniGrow Shows Growth for LinkedIn, Quora, Content Marketing and Events

Marketers Utilize Infinigrow’s AI Technology to Optimize Their Marketing Budget Allocation as B2B Marketers Turn to Linkedin and Quora as Alternatives to Facebook and Google

As B2B marketers embrace AI technology to optimize the marketing budget spent across channels, a combination of newer digital platforms and tried and true marketing tactics are the fastest growing marketing channels in 2019.

These are the results of a survey of the hundreds of marketing plans created via the AI-driven marketing planning optimization platform, InfiniGrow.

InfiniGrow’s research highlights the expected increase or decrease in marketing spend in 2019 for each category/platform surveyed from the hundreds of marketing plans created using the company’s platform. Among B2B marketers working with infiniGrow’s platform, more than 80% utilized the company’s AI technology to optimize their channel budget allocation.

Ad spend on LinkedIn is expected to increase by 26% in 2019, according to the company’s analysis, driven by the introduction of video and live video, the redesigned LinkedIn Campaign Manager and the addition of interest targeting.

Quora is expected to experience a 28% increase in ad spend in 2019. With 300 million monthly unique visitors and answers which rank favorably in Google, B2B marketers are increasingly investing time answering relevant questions and now also money for advertising. Quora is growing its ad product offering, adding bulk ad creation for companies looking to scale, as well as ad targeting according to topic, question, audience, and keyword.

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In addition to LinkedIn and Quora, more traditional marketing channels will also experience an increase in B2B marketing spend in 2019, most notably Content Marketing, Events, and Direct Mail.

At a 32% increase in marketing spend according to InfiniGrow survey of hundreds of marketing plans, Content Marketing is the fastest growing marketing channel. A trend which stood out in InfiniGrow’s analysis is the move towards ungated content — content accessible without providing contact info or being part of a certain community. B2B marketers are willing to forgo the benefits of gated content in order to place their content in front of as many prospects as possible and build their brand.

Event budget spend is forecast to increase by 27% according to InfiniGrow’s research, as B2B marketers seek more personalized and intimate opportunities to engage with prospects. From small meetups, workshops and self-hosted conferences to brunches and yoga classes, marketers are looking to cultivate real relationships.

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Some of the marketing channels that are losing favor among the B2B marketers surveyed by InfiniGrow include Facebook, which experienced only a 6% increase in the proposed ad budget spend in 2019, and Twitter, whose ad spend is expected to decrease by 12% in 2019 among B2B marketers.

“The fact that so many of our customers optimized their marketing budgets based on the recommendations of our AI is a tremendous vote of confidence for our technology,” said Daniel Meler, CEO, and co-founder, InfiniGrow. “According to our data and customer feedback, the AI-based channel recommendations have improved marketing ROI, resulting in our clients’ increasing their use of our AI technology and data in marketing planning.”

InfiniGrow is an AI-driven marketing planning optimization platform that helps B2B SaaS marketing teams to automatically uncover the business impact of any marketing activity and provide clear visibility and AI-driven recommendations to better allocate their budget to continuously hit their KPIs.

The goal of InfiniGrow’s AI technology is to ensure that B2B SaaS marketers continually invest in the best-performing channels to hit their KPIs. Marketers working with InfiniGrow have also uncovered previously unexplored channels recommended by InfiniGrow’s AI engine and reallocated their budgets to improve their marketing ROI.

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