NCompassTrac and GSM Collaborate To Deliver Innovation for Automotive and PowerSports Markets

NCompassTrac and GS Marketing, Inc. Have Joined Forces to Deliver a Comprehensive Dealer Centric Marketing and Campaign Management Solution (NCompassTrac Dashboard and NCT MarketPlace) That Automates and Speeds the Process of Identifying and Taking Action on Specific Customer Types and Segments Using an Integrated Portfolio of Industry Leading Marketplace Products

As Automotive and Powersports dealerships strive for ways to improve the quality and accuracy of targeted marketing campaigns, visualizing the trend and disposition of client velocity is critical. This joint offering marries the GSM marketing domain expertise with the NCompassTrac Dashboard® and Marketplace® industry leading technologies to quickly increase dealership revenue traction and customer acquisition.

“We are very excited to bring to market this joint offering and are confident the delivery timing is spot on; the technology is laser focused and the marketing team is second to none. It’s a perfect storm of form and function,” said Phil Valachi, Vice-President, Services & Customer Success, GSM.

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The NCompassTrac Dashboard® and MarketPlace® products have been designed using modern web and cloud technologies to ensure ease of use, fast deployment, and speed.

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“We have an incredible track record using our onboarding process that has been built for scale,” said Terisha Franco, Chief Relationship Officer, NCompassTrac. Franco added, “with the dynamic nature of the shifts in automotive dealership customers and data demographics, reaction time is the key metric for proactive versus reactive results that increase profitability and retention”.

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