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Voleo Sees 1700% Increase in New User Registration in First Two Weeks of Google’s Digital Strategy Program

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Voleo Trading Systems Inc. is pleased to share initial results in user acquisition since initiating Google’s Digital Strategy program.

Over the course of two weeks, Voleo has executed a series of campaigns using Universal App Campaigns which include Ad Mob, Google Play, Search, Google Display Network and YouTube. Google’s use of algorithms and machine learning to optimize campaigns will drive down customer acquisition costs and in time identify valuable users. New user registration has increased by 1700% compared to prior average organic new user registration, based on the prior three months’ data.

Thomas Beattie, CEO of Voleo, commented, “This increase in new user registration and club creation is a positive indication that this campaign is already working. It’s reaching large audiences and is opening the funnel for a change in the way social investing happens. There is further optimization that will be done as the campaign advances, but we are very pleased with the initial results.”

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There has also been an increase of over 350% in club creation since campaign launch. “People are curious when they see our social trading angle. It’s a new age of investing for millennials and for people of all generations, and Voleo provides an experience that empowers people to invest together,” comments Thomas Beattie, CEO of Voleo.

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Voleo’s first advertising campaign with Google is scheduled to run for a minimum of three months. It comes at a time when Voleo is focused on driving its B2C and B2B business models forward in parallel. The heightened consumer exposure and uptake evidences the value to potential financial institution partners, as the latter are looking for tools to deepen engagement with their customers and offer unique, valuable experiences. Voleo’s teaser videos have collectively been viewed over a hundred thousand times.

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