Glia and Mahalo Technologies Partner, Helping Credit Unions Modernize Member Service

Glia’s Digital Member Service platform helps credit unions drive loyalty, boost efficiencies

Glia, a leading provider of Digital Customer Service, announced a strategic partnership with Mahalo Technologies, a digital banking provider for credit unions. Integrating Glia’s technology into Mahalo’s digital banking platform will allow credit unions to enhance member service in a digital world.

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Mahalo delivers a platform built with credit unions specifically in mind, helping them engage and create strong relationships with members. By adding Glia’s communication and collaboration technology to the Mahalo platform, credit unions will be empowered to meet members where they are and communicate with them through whichever methods they prefer—including messaging, video banking and voice—while guiding them through CoBrowsing. Such capabilities not only improve member service but make it more efficient as well.

Dover, Delaware-based Dover Federal Credit Union has enjoyed successful partnerships with both Glia and Mahalo. Tyler Kuhn, the credit union’s VP of marketing and digital experience, commented, “Mahalo and Glia are both wonderful partners whose relationships we deeply value. Both organizations are committed to our success and prove that to us day in and day out. In the financial services vertical, it’s critical to be aligned with technology companies that are willing to grow their product with you to meet your unique needs, and that is exactly what they do. I can’t wait to see how their partnership will improve digital member engagement in the industry.”

“Mahalo was formed to provide the credit union industry with a superior digital banking experience, including robust features and functionality that help drive growth, while maintaining the excellent service that the credit union industry is known for,” explained Denny Howell, COO and co-founder of Mahalo. “We’ve been impressed with Glia’s strong traction and reputation in the space, and their strategic approach to member service aligns perfectly with our mission to help credit unions compete. Our partner credit unions will benefit from embracing Digital Member Service, leveraging technology to more effectively guide members while maintaining that personal touch and support.”

“The ability to meet customers wherever they are is the cornerstone of digital transformation,” said Dan Michaeli, CEO and co-founder of Glia. “Through our partnership, Mahalo’s credit unions will be able to connect with members more meaningfully and efficiently within the digital domain, building loyalty that lasts. We are proud to work with a partner that has such deep roots in the credit union space and that recognizes the power of Digital Member Service as a competitive differentiator.”

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